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  1. msjinkzd

    I am coming in april!

    hey guys! I will be at the april meeting. I have some Talawa wood ($7/lb, large pieces, about $18 each), dragon stone ($4/lb, about 35 lbs fits in a flat rate shipping box-medium sized), and some stuff clearing qt this week that I will be adding to my list by Friday Please email any requests to...
  2. Reed

    The King is coming

    Have you seen Joeys Promo Video for The Big FISH DEAL Check it out this amazing Promo for the Club https://youtu.be/FTEXec04IK0 Veryfishe.com
  3. JLW

    Coming to PVAS?

    This upcoming Saturday, the 2nd, I will be presenting "Apistogramma Rama" for the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society. ey folks, In case you're living under a rock somewhere, this Friday is NEW YEARS day. Personally, I've never understood why we choose the arbitrary starting point of a new...
  4. Tannin Aquatics

    Small aquatic wood with BIG impact coming this week!

    Because one of the key cornerstones of our brand is "wood", we continuously strive to source unusual, eclectic pieces to grace your aquascapes. We thoughtfully select only those specimens which "talk" to us; which bring a special "something" to an aquascape. Our ultimate goal is to have a...
  5. chriscoli

    Local Auctions Coming Up!

    We've got some great sister-clubs in the area, and there are quite a few local auctions coming up in the near future.... PVAS - Fall Auction Sunday, October 4th (Fairfax, VA) JRAS - Fall Auction Saturday, October 17th (Henrico, VA) ACLC - Fall Auction Saturday, November 7th...
  6. C

    New fish! Coming SOON!!!

    My Order is in. I should have these new beauties on Wednesday. For future Breeding groups - 2 Males and 3 Females of Pundamilia Marginatus (Turquoise Haps ) - 12 F1 Lawanda Jung Adults (Red Top) - 12 White Blaze Chrysonotus Jung Adults - 12 Pundamilia Macrocephala Jung Adults For...
  7. Spine

    Are You Coming To The June Meeting

    Hi Rachel, are you coming down for the June meeting?
  8. Jeff721

    DC, Arlington, Fairfax chlorine spike coming

  9. ricksnipe

    Im thinking about making a full conversion back..... Im coming home

    I love Cichlids and I always have. Im really into the South American Cichlids. I have had everything from oscars to electric blue jack dempseys. Then I went through this whole Oddball (monster fish) phase. I just got this flagtail yesterday this past weekend and I sat there for watch it just...
  10. scientist0724

    The AGA Convention is Coming to Town

    GWAPA is proud to announce that registration is open for the 2015 Aquatic Gardener’s Association Convention! We have worked with the AGA to put together a spectacular line-up of speakers. We’ll also feature a live aquascaping duel between world-reknowned aquascaper, George Farmer, and the Texas...
  11. jonclark96

    For Folks Coming to The Meeting Tomorrow - A Member Needs a Favor

    CCA: I got a text from Zach (TMSB805) with some really good news and some bad news. The good news is that his wife has gone into labor and he was on the way to the hospital to welcome their new child into the world. The bad news was that he wouldn't be able to make it to the meeting...
  12. mchambers

    Big Fish Event Coming to DC

    Fish with cartilaginous skeletons, that is: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/wp/2014/10/20/sharknado-alert-the-campy-franchise-is-coming-to-d-c/
  13. F

    Coming to the Catfish Convention

    Stop by our booth at the Catfish Convention. Attached are a few of the items we are bringing to you. Check our site out at imperialtropicals.com!!
  14. JLW

    Coming to CatCon?

    Hey Folks, we will be at Catfish Convention from Friday through Sunday, in room 307! Stop by during the Spree On Three to say hello, have a drink, or and check out the fish. I'll be posting a full list later this week. We are also doing orders for pick up with a SPECIAL DEAL. Take a...
  15. J

    Not coming to October Meeting

    I did not get any orders so I will not be coming to next Saturday's meeting. The next chance for me to get to a CCA meeting will not be until January. The CCY's meeting in November is on the same date as the CCA. In the mean time, I need your support. This has been a tough year. Please order...
  16. chriscoli

    Arthur's coming!

    Get ready to do your waterchanges, folks! Tropical storm Arthur might be making an appearance this holiday weekend. It'll be interesting to see if we get enough of a barometric pressure drop to induce spawning.
  17. J

    Fish coming soon

    I will have a number of male African Cichlids to sell in two weeks. They will be added to the web site www.cichlidsarespecial.com on June 5, a week before the cut off for purchasing fish to be delivered to the next CCA meeting on June 12. I believe this will be the date; but, I am waiting for...
  18. R

    Coming back to DC

    Well after a failed business venture here in Columbus and an offer I can't refuse for a job in Alexandria, it appears I will be moving back to the DC area. I am very excited to be closer to family and friends again and hope to see all of you very soon again! Also, I will still be building...
  19. J

    Not Coming to November 2013 meeting.

    I did not get any orders for this meeting and I will not be attending the November 2013 meeting. I hope to get to the January 2014 meeting. Remember, I need you help to attend these meeting due to the costs to cover my wife's nurses for that day. If I do not receive enough orders by the...
  20. festaedan

    who's coming to the meeting

    This is the first meeting that I'm going to (since I joined in late june) and I was eager to find out who else was going. Also, since the meeting is on my birthday, I thought I could bring cake or cupcakes for everyone, and I wanted to know about how many I'd need to make. -Dan