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CCA Club Meeting Update 3/13/2021

We are still making club adjustments and needing more time to create successful monthly meetings and speakers. Thank you for your patience. We hope to have better things in place next month. 

While we are doing behind the scenes adjustments, please continue to chat and share your fish hobby!

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Please help identify

I got a bunch of fish as fry but all the ones i asked for were peacock cichlids. Not a mduna. What do i have.




Fish available for pickup at the PVAS Tailgate Event

For pickup at the PVAS Tailgate Event on Sunday, April 18th.

Ctenochromis horei - 1 inch $8 each or $40/6
Ctenochromis horei - 4 inch males (2 available) $30 each
Metriaclima estherae 'Minos Reef' (wild-type Red Zebras) - 1 to 2 inch $6 each or $30/6
Paratilapia polleni – 5-inch young adults (4 available) $40 each
Pelvicachromis kribensis ‘Bipindi” – 2 pairs $20/pair
Honduran Red Point – 1 pair $10/pair
Hemichromis letournexi – 1 inch $4 each or $20/6

ISO Lethrinops sp. 'gold' Harbour Island (Monkey Bay) Females

I have a very male heavy group - anyone keeping Lethrinops sp. 'gold' Harbour Island (Monkey Bay) and have some juvies or females available?

Fish available Friday 4/16

Driving up to PA on Friday morning (from Richmond) and can bring some fish with me if someone wants to meet up. This would be between DC and Richmond and then up through the Frederick area. It's been a long time since I've been able to travel, but thanks to the wonders of the vaccine we're going to make the trip up.

Here's what I have.

Golden Peacocks (approx. 20, 4-5"+, would want to sell in male/female groups)


Sulfur Heads (approx. 20, 3-4", would want to sell in male/female groups)


A. stuartgranti "Chipoka" (couple 3" males, some females)
Pic is of my male breeder (dad)


A. stuartgranti "Undu Reef" (1.5-2" unsexed)
Pic of my breeder male


A. stuartgranti "Maleri" (1.5-2" unsexed)
pic of my breeder male


Super Red ancistrus (1-2")


PM me if you can meet up on Friday and have some scheduling flexibility. I'm guessing we'll be passing through Frederick around lunchtime. Sorry several of the pics are crap. Some of those tanks have bad lighting or I was just lazy with my older cell phone. Usually I'm a pic snob.

Hope all you CCA gang are doing well and I look forward to future meetings and conventions.

Hi and community cichlid question. Would daffodils do ok with platyies, swordtails and Kribs?

New member here
Quick daffodil cichlid Would a community tank of platies. Swords and kribs be ok with daffodil cichlids?

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