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July 2021 - Club Updates 

We ask that all current paid members to go to our CCA Members Forum tab to review our updated club By-Laws. We will leave it here to review for 2 weeks. This will allow for our paid members to review all updates and comment if needed. This is will be open for discussion until July 26, 2021. After which the revised By-Laws will be offically adopted. 

We are working on a FALL outdoor/indoor Fish Swap event. We are activitly looking for volunteers to help us organize, and work it. Please message any of the board to volunteer. Date for event to be in September or October.

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Recent Threads

Neolamprologus multifasciatus - 7 adults, 25 fry, shells, and sand - 50$ OBO

7 adult multies and about 25 6-month old fry, plus escargot shells and cichlid sand all for 50$ OBO.

I think there are 25+ shells and sand enough to fill a 20 gallon long tank to 2 inches.

I also have 3 large comets (4-5 inches long). You can have them for free if you are interested. Doesn't need to be connected to the cichlid purchase.

I'm near the Reston Town Center.

Neolamprologus multifasciatus, aka multies, are a peaceful shell dwelling cichlid from Lake Tanganyika where adults grow up to 1.5 inches long. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neolamprologus_multifasciatus

CAS Update 7/24/2021


If you have any trouble with the links below, go to the website https://www.cichlidsarespecial.com/ click on livestock from the home page, then choose Aulonocara Peacocks. Malawi Haplochromines, or Malawi Mbuna. Next look for the fish you want by photo. Click on the name below the photo. Last click on the drop-down under the words Available Options. This will give you a list of what is left for that fish and how many are left.
For some unknown reason, the links do not always work on everyone’s device or computer. It may be a security thing on the receiver’s end. This is the way to get around it.

Please help me reduce stock. I need to reduce to the point that I will be able to breed and grow out my best fish only due to a decline in my wife’s health. Fish that I do not plan to continue to grow out are reduced 35 to 50%

Fish That I hope to continue growing out:

Aulonocara maulana Bi-Color
Two 3-Inch Males $25.00 each.


Aulonocara stuartgranti "Ngara" (Ngara Flame Tail) (Yellow Flame Tail) Sold Out


Aulonocara baenschi Nhkomo Reef (Benga) (Sunshine) Seven 3.5” Males $30 each, Two 3-inch males $25.00 each, One 2.5” Male $18.00


Aulonocara sp. "Turkis" (Europe) Two 3.5-inch males $30.00, Seven 3-inch Males $27.00 each, Two groups of one 3-inch male plus five 2.75-inch females Regular $77.00 each, Sale 38.50 each. One 2-inch male plus five 1.5-inch sex uncertain Regular $51.00, Sale $25.50, $37.00, Sale $18.50 I have an abundance of Turkis right now and need to reduce stock-Groups are sale priced to help accomplish this goal)


Aulonocara sp. Rubescens (Reuben Red (Germany) (A few more 2.5” males coming soon) (Photo coming soon) It will take some time to grow out males after the next few. This fish is just starting to breed for me.


Aulonocara stuargranti (Chiwindi) Blue Neon One 3” Male $25.00


Otopharynx Lithobates Zimbabwe Rocks Sulfur Head (Germany) (Excellent Color Yellow Blaze Z-Rock) Two 3-Inch Males $25.00 each, Eight 2.5-inch males $18.00 each.


Protomelas taeniolatus Red (Fire Hap) (Super Red Empress) One 4.5-inch ¾ color male $39.00. One 4- inch male $37.00, Four 4-inch ¾ color males $36.00 each.


Otopharynx lithobates Orange and Black (Rare) Temporarily sold out.


Clearance fish moat are 35 to 50% (No extra 6% discount for Discount Club members on these fish) These fish must go ASAP.

Aulonocara sp. German Red
Two groups of one 3-inch male plus four 2.75-inch females Regular $68.00, Clearance Sale $34.00, One 2.5-inch male plus five 2-inch sex uncertain Regular 58.00, Clearance Sale $30.00.


Aulonocara sp. "Lwanda" (Red Top Lwanda), One 3-inch ¾ color male Regular $25.00, Clearance Sale $15.60, Two 3” ½ color male Regular $23.00, each Clearance Sale $14.95 each


Aulonocara sp. "stuartgranti Hai Reef Fluorescent One 3-inch ½ color male Regular $22.50, Clearance Sale $14.50, Two 1” Sex Uncertain 10 packs (10 Fish) Regular $80.00 each, Clearance Sale $40.00 each.


Aulonocara Uncertain Peacock Females Three 4 inches females regular10.00, Clearance Sale $4.00 each, One 3.- inch female Regular $9.00, Clearance Sale $3.00, One 2.5-inch female Regular $7.00, Clearance Sale $2.00


Copadichromis Mloto Lupingu (Europe) Two 1-inch sex uncertain 10-packs (10 fish) Regular $80.00 each, Clearance Sale $60.00 each, Two groups of one 1.5-inch sex uncertain plus five 1-inch sex uncertain Regular $49.00, Clearance Sale: $36.00, Two groups of five 1.5-inch Sex Uncertain plus Five 1-inch Sex Uncertain Regular $85.00, Clearance Sale $60.00, Tank Group A: One 3-inch male, plus One 2.75 inch sex uncertain, plus four 2.75 inch females plus four 2.5-inch sex uncertain Regular $140.00, Clearance Sale $70.00, Tank Group B: One 3.5-inch male plus One 3.25-inch sex uncertain plus one 2.75-inch sex uncertain plus three 2.5-inch sex uncertain, plus three 2.5-inch females Regular $152.00, Clearance Sale $76.00


Cynotilapia zebroides "Cobue" (Orange Top) Rare Four 3-inch males Regular $12.00, Clearance Sale $7.80 Four 2.75-inch Males Regular $13.00, Clearance Sale $9.00 each, 2.75” Male plus Five 2” Females Regular $53.00, Clearance Sale $26.50


Labidochromis caeruleus Lions Cove (Yellow Lab) Four 3-inch males $12.00 each, Clearance Price $7.80 each, Four 2.75-inch males $11.00 each, Clearance Price $7.15 each, Group of Five 2.75” males Regular $55.00 each, Clearance Sale $35.75. One Trio of One 3-inch male plus two 2.5-inch females Regular $26.00, Clearance Sale $13.00, One 2.5-inch male plus two 2-inch female Regular $25.00, Sale $12.50, One 2.5-inch male Regular $10.00, Clearance Sale $6.50.


Lethrinops Albus Kande (Rare) (Europe) One 3.5-inch ½ color male plus Two 3-inch females Regular $48.00, Clearance Sale $24.00, One 3-inch ½ color male plus Two 2.75-inch females Regular $45.00, Clearance Sale $22.50, Three groups of one 2-inch little color male plus five 1.5-inch females Regular $49.00 each, Clearance Sale $24.50,


Lethrinops sp. Mbasi Creek (Rare) One 2.75” ½ color male plus five 2.5” females Regular $73.00, Clearance Sale: $36.50


Lethrinops marginatus (Round Head Red Top) (Rare) One group of one 4 inches male plus one 3.75 inches female plus one 3.5 inches female plus Three 3 inches females Regular $74.00, Clearance Sale $37.00, One 3.5”-inch male plus two 3.5-inch Sex uncertain plus Two 3-inch females Regular $74.00, Clearance Sale $33.00


Nyassachromis prostoma (Orange Cap) (Europe) (Rare) One 2.75” Female Plus One 2-inch Sex Uncertain Likely Male Plus Two 2-inch Sex Uncertain Likely Females Regular $42.00 Clearance Price $27.30 This fish is best kept in its own group in a single tank. Very Peaceful Cichlid


Otopharynx sp. Walteri (Very Rare) Two sets of One 3-inch little color male plus two 3-inch females Regular $45.00 each, Clearance Sale $22.50 each, One 2.75-inch little color male plus Two 2.5-inch females Regular $37.00, Clearance Sale $18.50. Be the first to own these rare fish in your area.



Smart Start Complete 12 oz. Bottles.
Regular $11.00, Sale $9.00 when added to a fish order. Three packs local pick up only Regular $33.00, Sale $27.00, Six pack Local pick up Only Regular $66.00, Sale $54.00



I plan to ship UPS on Wednesday, June 12.

FS: 33 gallon long - tank only

I am preparing to swap out my current 33 gallon aquarium for a shiny new one. The tank is in, overall, good condition. One side (currently the front but could be turned around) has some small, superficial chips in the glass courtesy of my youngest child. The other side is clean and display quality.

I will be cleaning out and breaking down the tank over the next week and it will probably be ready to go next weekend.20210723_143256.jpg

The damage.

Asking $30 (less than $1 per gallon).

Pick up in Damascus, MD.

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