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Saturday, May 9th at 2PM

Freshwater Exotics Fishroom Tour Live via YouTube

Details found on the forum and Facebook.

After the tour, Freshwater Exotics will answer questions that were previously submitted via email. Have a question you want answered? Send questions to info@freshwaterexotics.com with the email subject CCA Live Stream Meeting Questions. Please have them include with their question: their name and where they are from, what their primary fish keeping experience/interest is (Africans, South Americans, Breeding oddballs....etc). Those who submit a question with all the correct information included will be put in a drawing to win a FWE t-shirt.

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FS: Huge platinum Honduran red point

Free. This thing is 5 inches long, killed a fuelleborni and a demasoni. Needs to go.
Pm for meetup arrangement, I'm in western maryland




I am a freshwater hobbyist into discus. I am taking a break from the hobby. I have the following set ups for sale.
Note: Tank & Stand dimensions are in inches. Dimensions are LxBxH where L -(left-right), B -(front - back), H (top-bottom). All my tanks are painted white with low VOC, latex paint that can easily be removed with a straight edge blade.
Pick up only. Cannot deliver.
Please wear a mask when picking up.
1. 33 gallon tank+stand - 40$ pic 1
Have mostly used this as a quarantine tank. I moved my discus a month ago to this tank to get more work in the fish room for a project.

Condition - bought used - holds water.
Tank dimensions 30"x12"x22.5"
Stand dimensions 33"x14"x30.4"
Reef ready - NO
Please note that I cannot part with this set up till the fish are re-homed.

2. 75 gallon tank+stand+DIY lid - 60$ pics 2-5
This was my display set up before I tried to upgrade. This tank has a sliding rail siliconed to the top so you can use two glass panes to create a sliding lid.

This set up has been with me for the past ~2 years ago.
Condition - bought used - holds water.
Tank dimensions 48"x18.5"x21"
Stand dimensions 49.6"x18.9"x24.8"
Reef ready - NO

3. 120g tank+stand - 120$ pics 6-9
I decided to upgrade to a larger tank and bought this tank from a WAMAS user 6 months ago. I have replaced all bulkheads, valves and plumbing. I have also adapted one of the drain holes to be connected to a solenoid for easy drainage of the tank. I also decided to reseal the tank. While the reseal on the glass panes was successful, the reseal of overflow failed. Water from the tank leaks into the overflow. I do not have any more time/energy to work on the tank and have decided to take a break.

What is needed? The overflow should be removed with a flat pairing knife and the silicone has to be reapplied by holding the overflow down.
You will also get 2 tubes of the silicone that I used to seal the tank. (Momentive RTV103, black).
Condition - bought used - overflows need resealing.
Tank dimensions: 48"x24.4"x24.8"
Stand dimensions: 50"x26"x27.6"
Reef ready - YES

4. 48" HTG Supply T5HO light with used bulbs - bought used - 20$
5. 30W IP65 floodlight LED with remote - 2 years old 10$
6 . 3 x150W glass EHEIM Jager heaters - 2-3 years old - $10 each
7. 1 x 300W glass EHEIM Jager heater - 2 years old - $20
8. SunSun Canister filter with media - 4 years old - $20
9. 47 pieces of Ceramic bioStogie from Jehmco - unused $6 for 10 pieces (
10. Jebao CoralBox DCA 12000 - used exactly for 4 days in the last 6 months - Comes with an extension for float switch - $100
11. 55g rain water barrel - 39" tall, 22.5" diameter - bought used - $30

12. 7 mostly wild cross discus
Despite the size differences, they are healthy pack of discus. PM me with a reasonable price and we can take it from there.
VA Discus - Rose gold 5" - 1
VA Discus - Alenquer cross 5" -2
Mike Troxell - Trombetas X straight line turq 5" - 2
Roy Saric - Alenquer cross 4" - 2















Looking for Pool Filter Sand

Anyone have extra Pool Filter Sand they're looking to get rid of? I picked up 100 pounds, and will be picking up some more from a friend, but have close to 12 square feet of area to cover, and want to have decent depth since it will be for an eartheater community.

I know I can pick up more from pool supply stores, thats where I got the 100 pounds, but prices went up and figured I'd see if I can find any cheap/free.

I'm in Randallstown, so the closer the better, but can make a trip for a decent amount. Thanks.

Help! PVC gate valve won’t close

I’m plumbing my first tank, and setting up a Herbie overflow. I had to take my gate valve apart to reseat the o-ring and fix a leak, but I may have loosened the wrong nut and now it won’t close!

Can anyone help a noob to plumbing? I know that if I loosen the nut for the handle I can then adjust it somehow...

beginning tear down of comunity tank

It'll be a slow process (its acting as a grow out for some of my smaller synos)

I am tearing it down to put another 70 or 5 foot tank in its place (moving my favorite Africans to a new smaller tank and going with larger fish in the 185)

All of this being said to ask if any one wants a school (9+or-) cherry barbs? Eventually there may be a couple amano shrimp, dwarf cray, and clown pleco given away as well.

These are in the sterling/Herndon area.

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