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Next CCA Meeting

November 9thth


Josh Weigert

Title: TBD



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John F. Kennedy High School

1901 Randolph Road, Silver Spring, MD 20902



1:00 - Doors Open for Setup and Socializing

2:00 - Talk starts

3:00 - Prizes and Club Mini-Auction or table sales (see forum thread for specific meeting details)




Recent Threads

Several hap/peacock groups - Woodstock, MD

I'm headed up to Woodstock, MD from Richmond on 11/27 and can bring some fish with me. Here's what I have available:

A. walteri: Large adult trio 4-5"
A. koningsi: Juveniles to sexable adults
O. tetrastigma: 1.5-2" almost sexable
P. steveni "Taiwan Reef": adults and juvies

Shoot me a message if you are interested and we can figure out a place to meet up.

Intermitent filter flow issue ;)


I have another small tank with a sponge bottom over an undergravel grid (I call it the üntermatten filter) and a there's a little ancistrus in there that will disappear under the filter for days at a time.

Leveling issue

Stand is a custom stand by TRUVU super thick plywood furniture grade. It was between the lines on the level when we placed it across all three axis.

The tanks a 185 truvu same thing in the lines on a 3 foot level, began to fill tonight and I took the water one inch over the stand lip to see I have about 2 mm of height difference in the water.

The stand has a solid flat wood bottom, so I'm not sure how to shim that.

Any one have any advice ?


WTB large centerpiece Texas Holey Rock

Does anyone have one?

Looking to buy vieja argentea.

Anybody have any grow outs for sale, or know of any locally? 1574011111567.png

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