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Come join us for our 2nd Saturday meetings! Members and non-members are welcome!

CCA meets the 2nd Saturday of each month* at:

John F. Kennedy High School

1901 Randolph Road

Glenmont, MD 20902

Doors open at 1:00 and the meeting starts at 2pm. 

Each meeting includes a speaker, raffles and a mini auction or marketplace for users to sell and trade livestock, equipment, plants, and supplies.


*We do not hold regular meetings in March, July, August, or December.

Please see our forum for additional meeting details.



Recent Threads

Texas or Not?

Hello All,
This has been a discussion between my significant other and I if the Texas cichlids we have are actually Texans or Carpintis.
Both are in separate tanks and similar age:
Above is what I think is a pearl scale Male.

perceived female Texas

Would love the help in the mystery!

Tangs FS

Altolamprologus Sale:

Wild Goldhead Comps 2.75"+ $25.00
Wild Black Congo Calvus 2.75" $35.00
Pics available


CAS 1/17/2020 Update

A shipping delay is back in effect until the weather warms. Local pick up available by appointment.


Aulonocara Peacocks

See https://www.cichlidsarespecial.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_67

Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Eureka Red (Orange) One 4.5 inch male Sale $32.00, Two 4 inch males $32.00 each.
Aulonocara sp. "Chitande Type North" Nkhata Bay Yellow Head (Rare) One 3 inch ¾ color male $23.50.
Aulonocara sp. "Lwanda" (Red Top Lwanda) One 3.5 inch ¾ color male $25,50, Two 3” ¾ color males $23.50 each.
Aulonocara uncertain red peacock (Hybrid) One 3.5 inch ¾ color male Clearance Price $3.25.
Aulonocara Uncertain Yellow Peacock (Sulfur head/Blue Neon Mix) (Hybrid)One 3.5 inch male Clearance Price $4.25

Lake Malawi Haplochromines

See https://www.cichlidsarespecial.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_68

Copadichromis borleyi Red Fin One 4.5 inch Male $30.00, Two 4 inch ¾ color males $28.50.
Lethrinops sp. Mbasi Creek (Rare) One 4 inch male $38.00, One 3” ¾ color male $25.75
Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus (Fusco) One 3 inch ¾ color male $21.50Nimbochromis venustus (Giraffe Cichlid) (Extra Yellow) (Germany) One 5” Male plus one 4.5” Female (Pair) Sale $40.50
"Phenochilus Mdoka" White Lips (Europe) (Rare) Three 3 inch Males $26.00 each
Placidochromis sp. Phenochilus Tanzania (Star Sapphire) One 3 ½ color male plus one 3” female (Pair) $36.00
Protomelas sp. Steveni Pombo Rocks (Pombo Reef) (Yellow Chin) One 4 inch male Sale $24.50
Protomelas sp. Spilonotus Tanzania Insignis (Blue Gold) One 4 inch male $29.00
Protomelas taeniolatus Red (Fire Hap) (Super Red Empress) One 4 inch ¾ color male $33.00
Lake Malawi Mbuna
See https://www.cichlidsarespecial.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_69
Metriaclima sp. "Gold" Kawanga (Rare) One group of one 3 inch ¾ color male plus two 2.5 inch females Clearance Price $22.25, One group of one 3.5 inch ¾ color male plus two 2.5 inch females Clearance Price $23.50, One 3.5 inch male plus one 3 inch female plus one 2.5 inch female, Clearance Price $24.50


Shipping delay in effect until the weather overnight is forecasted to be above freezing. The current forecast for the week of January 20 is for very cold conditions. During shipping delays, I need all the local pickups I can get. Please consider a local pick up if you are within 90 minutes of my location.


I just paid for my table on March 14 at the Big Fish Deal. I plan to be there from 11:00 to 3:00 or from 11:00 until I sell out whichever comes first. Make your plans early to attend this great event. This year's event is Friday, March 13 and Saturday, March 14 at the Holiday Inn in Gaithersburg, MD. For more details see https://capitalcichlids.org/bigfishdeal/I hope to see a large number of my customers at the marketplace this year.

Thank You BFD Sponsors!

We've had some awesome sponsors coming through already. We'll list them as we go.

First thank you goes to Li with Monsterfishkeepers. He'll be providing marketplace bags this year for the event.

Thank you LI!


Get Ready for our BFD 8 Major Vendors

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