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September 2021 - Club Updates 

We will host a Fish Sale/Swap Trunk Sale. October 9th in Rockville. From 11-4 pm. Please go to the Members forum page to request a space. All spaces are FREE and are first come first serve. For more details go to the members forum.

We are still looking for a social media support member to be a member at large and help us create content to keep our club members engaged. You must be a paid member to hold this position. Please contact any board member.

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FREE Open Fish Swap October 9th

On October 9th from 11-4 pm We are offering our members an opportunity to sell from your car! One of our board members secured outdoor parking lot space at Gilis Automotive at 12410 Washington Ave, Rockville, MD 20852. We are certain that we can host at least 20 spaces for members. These spaces are FREE. So first come, first served. If you want two spaces, please say so. We will stop at 20.

We will allow ppl to set up starting at 9:30 am.
We will only have outdoor access but will be allowed to use the bathrooms. (Only the vendors)
Make sure that you can access your own payment methods. Assume there will be no wifi access.
CCA will have a space and we are creating auction items and potentially sell stuff too.
Keep coming back as we will add new details to this thread.

**Note: Covid Protocols will be enforced. MASKS are required, yes, even though we are outdoors. Please be understanding of this. We all want us to be healthy.

#### Currently 10 table (parking spaces) are taken.

ISO: Sept 1997 issue of TFH

To keep or borrow. Does anyone have this issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist?

Betta Albimarginata reverse trio

Hey guys!

I was on the hunt for these guys and ended up bidding on too many reverse trio’s, and I need to sell one because I got two others.

they are great little fish and are constantly breeding, the mald holds the eggs for about two weeks and releases the Fry.

asking for what I paid which is $35, you will get two males and a female, they are about an inch and a half.

I’m in dc 20010, I don’t drive and prefer someone come pick them up.





Fish available Thurs 9/16

Driving from Richmond to central PA Thursday. Happy to bring some fish and meet up. PM me to see if we can coordinate.

A. stuartgranti "Maleri"
Males/Females and juvies

A. stuartgranti "Chipoka"
4"+ males, females

A. stuartgranti "Undu Reef"

Sulfurhead peacocks
Group of 13 with at least 4 males (can split up to smaller breeding group if you like)

P. phenochilus Mdoka "White Lips"
1" juvies

Super Red ancistrus
1" and 2-3"







Tanganyikans for sale

6 Neolamprologus Multifasciatus (.75"- 1") $50

F1 Frontosa Mikula (3.5" - 4.5") $45 ea. or 2 for $80

Neolamprologus Cylindricus 4" - $15

Limnotilapia Dardennii 3.5-4" - $10 ea

Tropheus Duboisi 3"- $15 ea

Feel free to send me an email at Troyda@hotmail.com

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