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June Meeting (6/12/20) Open Discussion Video Chat

Join CCA members for an open discussion and chat! Session is scheduled for Saturday June 12th from 2-4PM.

We're still unable to hold physical meetings, so we're going to have an open chat and discussion regarding anything fish related on your mind!

Video chat is open to anyone, but you'll have to request access, as it's a private room. See forum for details, meeting invites will be sent to anyone interested in joining us.

Any new fish in the last few months? Any new breeding success? Any upgrades to your tanks or fishrooms? Feel free to join us and tell us about what you've been doing, and show off if you're so inclined.

Recent Threads

FS adult SA

Hey guys

Thinning the herd, in Columbia heights D.C. pickup only. Don’t judge the algae on the glass lol.

4x guianacara stergiosi almost 3 inches $8 - don’t know the sex

3x - male Cryptoheros cutteri - 3 inches - Free

Unknown cichlid (Pic below ) 3.5 inches fairly peaceful -$10

3x male Pelvicachromis pulcher - 3 inches - Free

Need these gone ASAP since I’m selling the tank they live in :)





FS: 120 gallon tank with stand

Hey guys,

I’m selling my 120 gallon tank, the dimensions are 5 feet long, 18 inches wide and 2 feet tall. The tank is in great condition ( no leaks or cracks) I’m located in Columbia heights D.C. pickup only please.

Asking for $350.





94 Gallon Bow Front Corner Tank

For Sale: 94 gallon corner tank with glass top and stand with two doors. There aren't any scratches on the glass. Also includes two lights that sit on the glass top. $300.00.

Czech Pre-Order List

The following is a list of fish that I can order from, This is a Pre-Order list meaning that Iif you would like something from the list you need to contact me and let me know I should bring it in. Some fish will have a minimum quantity that you need to order for me to be able to bring tyhem in.

Please message/email me for pricing. Include the name of the fish and the size if mutliple sizes are listed (sizes are in centimeters at the end of each line item). Your order needs to be in to me no later then Wednesday July 8th by 6pm Central time.

The fish will be coming in next week and need to sit 1-2 weeks here before they go out again. It might be possible to ship via Southwest and combine CCA orders to save on shipping costs if someone is willing to be the point person at that end.


OK, after several attempts to postthe list in pieces the list is STILL just to long to be posted on this forum. Please visit my web site here to see the complete list: http://aquaticclarity.com/index.php/2020/07/07/czech-pre-order-list/

FS: stuff from my CA 29

A.nanolutea pair - $30
C.cutteri pair - $25
Ataeniobius toweri group of 5 - $20
Fully grown male swordtails that used to be females - $10 (for the 2 I have)

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