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Next CCA Meeting

September 14th


Jackie Anderson

Project Piaba; How Home Aquarium Fish Can Conserve Rainforests



Click Here for Information about the Next Club Meeting



John F. Kennedy High School

1901 Randolph Rd, Glenmont, MD 20902



1:00 - Doors Open for Setup and Socializing

2:00 - Talk starts

3:00 - Prizes and Club Mini-Auction




Recent Threads

2 juvenile lamprologus gold ocellatus for sale

I have 2 Lamprologus Gold Ocellatus (F2) , about 10 months old, for sale near Reston Town Center. 40$ for both OBO

P.S: Sorry for the error in the title. The fish is Lamprologus Gold Ocellatus (F2)

Thank you,

Unmarked heaters?

The specs have worn off some of my heaters and I bought a bunch and can't remember which is which.

How can I find out what size tank I should be using them for?

ISO Amatitlania myrnae

I am looking for a group of young myrnae to grow out. I am located in Milwaukee, WI so would need somebody who is willing to ship (or travels to the area, maybe heading to the GCCA swap in Chicago). I have not been able to locate them locally but have had several leads that brought me to the CCA. I was told a strain from the Rio Estrella was in the club and it would be great to have the location/collection information to go with the fish. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Free ob peacock

0915191611g.jpg0915191611d.jpg0915191608a.jpgfree been in a bucket for a week never heard back from the gut who was supposed to get him, and I can't find his number.

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