June 8 CCA Meeting

***NOTE: We are meeting at the elementary school across the street.***

June 8 @ Glenallan Elementary School: 12520 Heurich Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20902

  • Meeting room opens at 12:30 pm (Meeting to start at 1:00)
  • Meeting from 1:00-4:30 pm
  • Set up at 12:30-1:00pm
  • Meeting start: socializing 1:00-1:30 pm
  • Speaker begins at 1:30 pm
  • Auction begins at 2:35 pm
  • Meeting ends promptly at 4:30
  • Meeting Topic: Chesapeake Bay Oyster Reef Biotope Aquarium

Speaker Bio

Kevin Wilson began fishkeeping at the age of 13. After Graduating High School, he worked his first job at the Barrier Reef Aquarium in Rockville, where he was introduced to the saltwater side of the hobby. It was then after purchasing his first blenny that he fell in love with blennies, a family of coastal fishes with interesting behaviors. Kevin's fascination with blennies evolved from his first love in aquarium fish, the cichlids. He kept various species of cichlids during his High School years. Blenny behavior is very similar to cichlids, having very alert, active eyes and curious, almost intelligent behavior. They're almost a benthic saltwater version of a smart cichlid.

While in college, he caught his first local blenny and became fascinated with a grad student’s experiment on striped blennies. This fascination led to his dream, to keep local blennies in a setting close to their natural environment and resulted in his efforts to build a simulated oyster reef in a home aquarium. He entered this tank in the 2022 Biotope Aquarium Project's Biotope Aquarium Contest North America Category and wound up taking First Place! He's also kept local native freshwater fish species in home aquariums for 43 years and is a member of the North American Native Fishes Association (NANFA).

Recent Threads

ISO: Bucephalandra

Hey plant enthusiasts! I'm currently on the lookout for different varieties of Bucephalandra.

Any recommendations for importers or sellers who offer a good variety of Bucephalandra at reasonable prices, I would greatly appreciate it! Whether you've had a positive experience with an online retailer, local fish store, or a specialized plant seller, your suggestions could really help me out.

Feel free to drop your recommendations below or send me a direct message.

FS: Blue Pinoy Zebra Angelfish

I have a group of 5. Three of them are in this tank, the other two are in another, I think the other two are paired off. Asking $60 for these three or $100 for all five. They are disease free and pretty healthy. Germantown, MD is location.

Father's Day Sale

We have an amazing special going on right now for Father's Day that you don't want to miss!!! All fish are 10% off unless already on special. All plants/ corals are 20% OFF. And if that isn't good enough, all dad's who come in with the family get a raffle ticket for $100 just for walking in. We hope to see you this Father's Day Weekend as the sale/ offers are good this Friday- Sunday! Plus, at 11am we have 24 corals going for a heavily discounted price on our Facebook page. First person to say SOLD gets it and must be picked up by Sunday at 7pm. Below are the specials we have too!


Flame Angel- $100
Blue Eye Bristletooth Tang- $49
Copperband Butterfly- $75
Scopas Tang- $49
Peacock Mantis Shrimp- $100
Pin Cushion Urchins- $5
Long Spine Urchins- $30
Red Feather Starfish- $75


Neon Tetras- $3
Discus- $80-200
Odessa Barbs- $8
Glo-Lite Tetras- $2
Electric Catfish- $25
L 46-Zebra Pleco- $250
L-134 Leopard Frog pleco- $60
Platinum Phoenix Tetras- $8
Guppies- $2
And so much more! See you this weekend

FS: 1x55g, 2x20g "high", 1x10g, lids and more -- $50 for all!

I'm getting rid of some tanks (pictured below). The 55g and 1x20g are painted black on 3 sides. The other 20g and 10g are painted blue on 3 sides. All come with lids. I can include some cheap "Nicrew" LEDs with the tanks and even the substrate / sand if you'd like. Heck, you can even have the cinder blocks and 2x4s if you'd like.

TAKE IT ALL FOR $50! I just need to clear up space and get my basement in better condition.

Pickup is in Rockville, MD near Richard Montgomery. I can help you load it as well.


WTB CO2 Regulator

Looking for a new regulator as my GLA continues to have issues. Thank you!

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