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March CCA Meeting

March 11thth @ Glenallan Elementary School – 12520 Heurich Road, Silver Spring, MD

Meeting room opens at 12 pm (Meeting to start at 12:30)

Meeting from 12:30-4:30 pm - Speaker begins at 1:30 pm

March Speaker – Dr. Riva Riley

Dr. Riva Riley is a member of the faculty with the University Honors Program at the University of Maryland. Her research is focused on social behavior and its consequences for individuals in social groups; she is especially interested in how individuals can use their own social influence to change their social environment and improve their prospects. She studies a delightful little fish, Corydoras catfish, which lives in the Amazon rainforest. After observing wild fish in the field and conducting laboratory studies, she described a novel communication style, a tactile nudge, that individual fish use to communicate with their fellow group members. She uses this nudging behavior to help understand how social influences and group dynamics can modify social evolution and lead to complex social behaviors (including our own human behavior). She received her PhD from the University of Cambridge and her B.A. from Harvard University.

Recent Threads

Amatitlania nigrofasciata (former siquia) "Rio bagaces" F2

I have 3 males available. Only males. $10 ea, two at 3" and one at 2.5". Pictured below is their father. They themselves aren't as bulky at the moment, but one of their brothers is, so I know they have the potential to get there. Would make an excellent wet pet, basically a smaller amphilophus. Will grow a nuchal hump as well. Pickup in Frederick or meet up anywhere within half an hour of Mount Airy. I usually meet up in front of congressional aquarium or at the PetSmart on Urbana Pike. Pm for more questions or if interested.


Satanoperica 6"

UFG (1) satanoperica sp. Negro alto Orinoco (red lips) $20. In Columbia MD. 240-375-8442


Japanese FuGo Ballons (in Hati)

Recently we had a surveillance balloon issue from China. During WWII, the Japanese launched numerous FuGo (Ballon bombs) on the United States. Only one resulted in the death of a few people in the continuous fourth-eight states of the United States. Read about this historical event in my book Hati. My book is available for purchase on Amazon.com at https://www.amazon.com/Hati-Jay-H-Stephan/dp/B0BQ9B7PCD

This tank is too small, right? (Link to fb marketplace post)

My wife sent me this fb marketplace post thinking I’d be interested in it:

I have no clue what type of Cichlid that is, nor do I have the space for an 80 gallon, but that looks WAY too small in my opinion. Hoping someone from here wants to give it a better home.


$55. Pickup in Frederick, MD or anywhere within half an hour of Mount Airy. PM for more questions
Yes he is green, and yes it is a he



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