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Thank you everyone for your patience over the past several months. Board members are in the process of thinking through how the club can function and provide an engaging experience for our members through the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In an effort to prioritize the health and safety of our members, and our club speakers, we will be looking into virtual meeting formats until such a time when public health officials in the DMV area come to a consensus that large, indoor, group gatherings can safely resume. We do hope to host a springtime tailgate or swap meet event outdoors, dependent upon regional public health guidelines. Any outdoor events we do host will be mask-required events. As we work to get up and running with virtual meetings, please don’t forget what a wonderful resource our forum can be. It might not be as shiny and new as the Facebook group, but it does allow a marketplace and contains a treasure trove of archived information from some of the coolest, most knowledgeable hobbyists out there – YOU! To show our appreciation for all of the club members who’ve stuck with the club through this difficult time, and in acknowledgement of what a tough several months we’ve all had, any memberships that expired within the 2020 calendar year, will not have to pay any back membership fees. Your new annual dues will begin on 1/2021. Anyone that joined as a new member or renewed their membership during the 2020 COVID months will be extended through December 2021. Thank you and have a safe Thanksgiving!

Recent Threads

Looking for Tanganyikan Cichlids

Hello, I am setting up tanks and am interested in getting Tanganyikan Cichlids. I like Julidochromis, Shell Dwellers, Leleupi and others. Do you know who has these for sale? Thanks

How do I get damselflies out of my tank

A bunch of them hitchhiked, and are now in my planted 30 gallon, I don't want to go looking for living, locomoting needles in my aquatic haystack, and I plan on getting shrimp and rabbit snails so I don't want to do any kind of poisoning. What should I do? There's no fish in there right now, would I be able to do any sort of temperature shock? Should I throw one of my slightly larger predatory fish in to let them take care of it? (I.e, 3 inch trimac)

300 Gallon Build Thread

Hey Everyone,

I’m a life long dmv aquarist who finally joined your site. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve last kept African Cichlids, but I stumbled across a tank at a price I just couldn’t pass up.

I’ve been an avid reef keeper since I tore down my old African Tank - a 72 gallon all male hap/peacock which met its untimely demise when an associate overfed it, killing my dominant male. This ultimately led to the weekly discovery of dead sub-adult fish as they fought for dominance.

I’ve since learned my lesson.
Those weekly pill dispensers have been a life saver.

That and a “pinch”, doesn’t register to about 98% of the human population





Picked up a huge piece of anubius Nana for next to nothing, issue is it has a bit of black algae and a population of mts. Whats the best way to kill the insurgents and liberate this fine plant?

What is our general consensus of fish TB?

My current understanding is, every fish in the hobby that isn't wild caught and thrown directly into your tank, has it. Anything from a big importer that comes in contact with tank raised fish will carry it, and it only affects things that are unhealthy or stressed. Should it be a direct concern of ours if every fish we own carries it and the only thing keeping it from killing them is us keeping them healthy?

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