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You must be in the bright yellow shipping area on this map for me to ship to you using UPS Ground. If you are out of that area, I can only ship to you using Next Day Saver which is more expensive. I can not ship out of Lancaster where the yellow area is much larger until the coronavirus restrictions are lifted. I am going to need help from those of you, particularly to my south to make up for what I cannot ship without a much larger cost to my north and to my west using ground shipping.

Filter Socks (Large 8x18)

I currently use the large Premium 8"x18" filter socks from CustomAquariums. They are fairly expensive ($20 each if you buy 5) although I don't mind the price as much as the ridiculous shipping costs. To ship 15 of them (total weight of less than 2 pounds)...they charge $60 for S&H.

I have been trying to find another supplier (scoured the internet for hours) that has this size (4" Ring, 8" x 18") but I cannot find them anywhere except Custom Aquariums. Maybe they are the only ones...but hoping not.

Has anybody used these and/or found a different supplier?

Thank you.

Filter Sock.JPG

Rehome three 8in 24k Kelberi Peacock bass

I am looking to rehome three 8in 24k kelberi bass for $125 each or $325 for all three

Coronavirus Update 04/03/2020

"Corona Virus Update, we will be shipping orders by UPS only on Wednesdays and if necessary Thursdays out of York, PA. The ground area out of york does not include northern NJ, New York City, Long Island, Southwestern CT, Eastern OH including the Cleveland area and northwestern PA. If you are outside of my york one day ground, you need to use UPS Next Day Saver or wait until the state closure rules are lifted. No local pickups until the state closure is lifted. You can choose to ship a local pick up for the extra shipping or wait until the closure is over. No shipping by SWA Cargo due to limited cargo unit hours. Our office will be closed other than to answer emails. Thank you for your patience at this difficult time. Stay home, enjoy your fish, and stay safe".

Fish acting weird

This fish for the last week has been hanging out in a plant and doesn’t come out much. It is eating fine and before it never hid and nothing has changed as far as tank mates or anything. I’m not sure what is going on at all. Does anyone have an idea of what might be going on? Any thoughts are very much appreciated.



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