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Saturday, May 9th at 2PM

Freshwater Exotics Fishroom Tour Live via YouTube

Details found on the forum and Facebook.

After the tour, Freshwater Exotics will answer questions that were previously submitted via email. Have a question you want answered? Send questions to info@freshwaterexotics.com with the email subject CCA Live Stream Meeting Questions. Please have them include with their question: their name and where they are from, what their primary fish keeping experience/interest is (Africans, South Americans, Breeding oddballs....etc). Those who submit a question with all the correct information included will be put in a drawing to win a FWE t-shirt.

Recent Threads

When are you adding fish to your outdoor tubs this year?

Hi all,

I picked up a 110 gallon feed trough for some outdoor tubbing fun this summer. I'm still deciding what to add, but I think that White Clouds and Celestial Pearl Danios are definitely going to be in there. I've got an Amazon Sword in a large pot inside the tub about 4 inches from the surface and a few handfuls of guppy grass floating at this point. I'll be adding a hardy water lily and probably some water lettuce in the next week or so. I really regret having not pulled the trigger on ordering plans from JLW JLW

So, when would you be comfortable adding fish? Judging from the (tens of?) thousands of mosquito larvae that I've netted off to feed my indoor fish in past few days, I should do it soon or my back yard will be swarming with blood suckers.


African Cichlids for sale.

6” Peach Dragon Blood Male $50
5 1/2” Frontosa 6 bar Male $50
4 1/2” Yellow Dragon Blood Male $40

A couple I don’t know the names of :



Are you Looking for a Medium/large Oscar?

Have a wonderful Oscar tank that has given me two mating pairs. With that said I have a large Male to female ratio and I am looking to give a few males. They are about 5inch at this point and are good aggressive Oscars that will hold there own. They live with Jacks and a MCaw Cichlid.

These fish mean the world to me and will not part with them unless it’s serious but my two breeding pairs are not having it with them.

Let me know pictures are of the ones up





Free Red Zebra Fry - Apx 4 weeks old

Have a great Mbuna tank that has been producing wonderful fry. Sadly I don’t have a 220 to house 20 more Zebra mouths. Really wanted to see them grow out and they look wonderful and it’s been a great process but they will outgrow the grow tank in about a month. Purebred Red Zebra have about 12-15 they are just under an inch free to a good Mbuna loving home.

Let me know

Have great videos of them

Pickup would be ideal Rockville

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