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Auctions - (These rules do not apply to meeting/mini auctions)These are for the all day auctions.

Please Note: - (These rules DO NOT apply to the 2011ACA convention that is being hosted by the Capital Cichlid Association in July 2011)

The Capital Cichlid Association, Inc. is going to host auctions of cichlids, scavengers and various quality equipment during the year. Details will be posted here so you can decide if you wish to auction off some of your things or come and get some great deals. The date and location will be posted on this page at a later date.

If you plan on being a seller at the auction, please download and fill out the form: Seller Form (PDF)


1. To sell fish, you must register at the Seller's Registration table between 9:00 AM and 12:00 noon. The auction will start at approximately 11:00 AM. Sellers in the registration process or in line at the Seller Registration Table will be registered. Registration will officially close at noon.

2. It is the responsibility of the seller to provide CCA with an address to which the CCA will send the seller's proceeds. Envelopes will be provided by the CCA. No moneys will be dispersed at the auction.

3. Membership in the CCA, although a good thing, is not required to register as a seller and participate in the auction.

4. The seller may designate minimum bids. The minimum must be 10.00 or more. Minimums less than $10.00 will be ignored. Minimum bids must be clearly marked on the item AND on the Seller Sheet. If at the end of the auction the seller of any item that did not meet it's minimum bid is not present to claim that item, the item will be auctioned without a minimum.

5. We are a Cichlids and Catfish organization but all fish, aquatic plants, and related items may be entered in the auction.

6. Numbered labels supplied by CCA must be used on all items for sale. These items must then be listed on Seller Sheets also supplied by the CCA. If multiple seller sheets are used, all but the last must contain ten items. The labels and seller sheets can be picked up at the Sellers Registration Table. Seller sheets may be printed from the CCA web site. The following information should appear on each sale item but only the CCA supplied number is absolutely required.
  • Seller number (CCA Provided tag)
  • Seller name
  • Seller phone number or email address
  • Scientific and/or common name (if known)
7. Fish must be at least one inch in length except for dwarf species, which must be at least 3/ 4 inch in length. Bags of unsexed, immature fish must have at least three fish per bag.

8. Proper bagging is required using proper fish bags. It is recommended that all fish be double bagged. It is suggested that adult males and females be bagged separately and the bags taped together or placed in a third bag. Any item requiring re-bagging will incur a $2.00 fee, charged to the seller. Baggies, zip-loc, or other types of produce bags are not acceptable and will either not be accepted or will incur the $2.00 re-bag fee per bag.

9. The auction split is 70/30 (seller/club). All sales of $2.00 or less will be considered a donation to CCA.

10. A maximum of five items of a color morph of each species is permitted.

11. The seller may designate specific items to be CCA donations.

12. All unclaimed items become the property of CCA.

13. Neither the CCA nor the auction site will be held responsible for damage or injury occurring before, during, or after the auction.

All rules will be strictly enforced. Those items not adhering to the rules will be rejected and removed from the auction. The auction chairman has the sole and absolute authority over the interpretation, application, and enforcement of the rules.


1. All buyers must be registered at the Buyer Registration Table. To obtain a bidder number, buyers will be required to deposit one of the following at the time of registration.
  • driver's license
  • military ID
  • blank signed check made out to CCA

2. Everyone will be required to settle their accounts before they leave. Your ID will be returned after your account is settled and bidder number relinquished.

3. Membership in CCA is not required to register as a bidder and buy fish but is (maybe we are prejudiced) strongly encouraged. You will have fun.

4. The starting bid will be $1.00. Exceptions can and will be made at the auctioneer's discretion. Increments from $1.00 will be at the auctioneer's discretion.

5. Items to be auctioned will be inspected only during breaks and before the auction. Please do not attempt to inspect auction inventory while bidding is in progress. It is permissible to come forward and inspect the item currently up for bid if there is any doubt as to the quality, health, or identification of an item on which you would like to bid.

These rules are not intended to be all encompassing and may be changed prior to the start of the auction without notice. A copy of the rules in effect will be available at the Registration Tables.

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