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What the heck?!

b considine

a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude
Staff member
A man doesn't log in for a couple of days and finds a new forum. Did I miss the announcement?

Looks slick.


Frank Cowherd

Global Moderators
Staff member
I did not like the 6 or so big black bars at the top of the page, and just now I found out I had control and could just delete them. Imagine that!
new website looks good.


Past CCA President
Staff member
I'm liking it so far. Thanks again to neoprodigy neoprodigy for hosting!

Rasta Fish

Cant say i like the new site, the logo is small
Or maybe its because i open it on my phone, mobile site?
I guess i will will get use to it in time
Still easy to find what you are looking for


CCA Members
(KIdding, new forum looks very sharp, and though it'll take a bit of learning to get used to, thanks to those who put in a good work on it!)


CCA Members
I updated my browser the day before the site changed and thought that was why it looked different initially. I do web site support for a couple of firms and fo a site like this a heads up would have been a best practice. Still not too late to send an email to all members telling them the site has changed.