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What do you keep?


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Lurkers invited to join as well.

Please add the name of what you keep that is not cichlids. You can note your cichlids too just trying to show diversity of what we keep

Giant danio guppies platys swordtails Cory cats and a Betta named bob.

And a bunch of Vic's



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In addition to cichlids, I keep wild-type livebearers, a few plecos from Uruguay, a 150g of tetras and - our most recent - a (bullhead?) catfish from the pond near our house...



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While fishing around the Oregon coast while a kid I think I caught a very small bullhead catfish.

I think goodeids may be my next fish out of 42 different types I think 30 are critically endangered. Yikes!


Other SA dwarf cichlids
SA Characins
a few odd rainbows and oh, yeah; Corydoras


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Other than cichlids, I now keep:

Green Laser Corydoras (thanks Don)
Corydoras Duplicareus
Red Marble Bristlenose Plecos
Albino Bristlenose Plecos
Brown Bristlenose Plecos
Black Eye/Blue Eye Bristlenose Plecos (thanks Frank)
Nerite Snails
Ramshorn Snails (thanks Matt)

In the past I have kept:

Albino Emrald Corydoras
Red Fin Sharks
Red Tailed Sharks
Harlequin Rasboras
Neon Tetras
Black Skirt Tetras
Common Plecos
Bala Sharks
Rubber Lip Plecos
And I'm sure more than this, I just can't come up with them right now...


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Banjo catfish
Filament barbs
Denison barbs
5-stripe barb
5 different types of loaches
Pimodella catfish
Plecos (Royal, purple panaque, ancistrus)
Gold barbs
Tiger barbs
Cherry barbs
White clouds
Red cherry shrimp
Syno. decorus
Red swordtails
Corydoras (green laser and axelrodi)
Silver dollars

I think I have more non-cichlids than cichlids at the moment :eek:


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Microsynodontis batesii, Aspidoras spilotus, gold laser corydoras, Panaqolus sp. L002, Mochokiella paynei, and some Nannostomus eques.


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Lots of corydoras, including c123, cw009, cw010, cw014/023, cw080, knaacki, loxozonus, duplicareus, oiapoquensis, some that may be schultzei, and gossei (yes, I have a problem)

goodeids, including tequila livebearer, butterfly goodeids, and Chapalichthys encaustus

Uruguayuan cats, maybe some sort of hisonotus


Various smaller cichlids, including Anomalochromis thomasi, Bujurqina vittata, blue rams, rainbow cichlids, Biotodoma cupido, Bolivian rams, and Cryptoheros myrnae. Oh, and an angel pair

Celestial pearl danios and burmese rosy loaches

a few species of tetras

albino bristlenose plecos

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I've got a few tetras here and there, but mostly cichlids and catfish. I also have a soft spot for the anabantids so I have a few of those as well.


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Only one of my tanks does not have cichlids in it, and that is a 20H with a group of Rio Tocantins ancistrus that I am growing out in hopes of breeding. I have a smattering of other fish as dithers in a portion of my tanks, mostly tetras or silver dollars. I do have 2 tanks with aquatic turtles as well.


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In my Cichlid tank I have Synodontin nigriventris catfish.

My community tank has
Albono Pleco
Common Pleco
Sterbai Corys
Cardinal Tetras
White Shirt Tetras
Red Minor Tetras
Beckfordi Pencilfish
2 pair BGR's