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Web Site Update/ CAS CommunityForums

Discussion in 'CCA Sponsor - Cichlids Are Special' started by Jay, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Jay

    Jay CCA Members

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    Jay Stephan
    Nov 7, 2009
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    York, PA
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    Mar 16, 2018
    Web Site Update

    As of 9/08/2017:

    See Web Site at http://www.cichlidsarespecial.com/


    Shipping by Fed Ex or SWA Cargo

    Local Pick up in York, PA by Appointment

    Returning customers get discounts on non-sale fish priced over $10

    Discounts are now been set so that Discount Club Members Return Customers get the best rates on sale prices in addition to the best price on regular fish, not shown below. Discount Club members need to log onto the web site to get the proper rates.

    DC= Discount Club Members (Returning Customers) rates (not shown).

    Aulonocara Peacocks:

    Aulonocara stuargranti Chipoka (Maleri Orange): Three 3” Male $22, One 2.5” Male $16

    Aulonocara baenschi Nhkomo Reef (Benga): Three more 3 inch Males $22 each

    Aulonocara maulana Bi-Color: One 4 inch Male $30, One 2.5 inch Male $16.

    Lake Malawi Haplochromis:

    Copadichromis atripinnis (Rare): One 1.5 inch Sex Uncertain Six Pack $52, One 2 inchSex Uncertain Six Pack $58.

    Copadichromis Kawanga (Rare): Two 1.5 inch Sex Uncertain Three Packs $27 each, One 1.5 inch Sex Uncertain Six Pack $52.

    Nimbochromis venustus: One Group of One 4.5 inch Male + One 4 inch Female (Holding eggs) $52.

    Placidochromis sp. Phenochilus Tanzania (Star Sapphire): 3.5 inch Part Color Male $27, Three 3 inch males $23 each, One 4 inch Pair $54.

    Protomelas taeniolatus Super Red Empress: One 3 inch Male $22, rest came part color, look for more in about three weeks. Lost 2.5-2.75 inch to air line failure.

    Protomelas sp. Spilonotus Tanzania (Insignis) (Blue Gold): One 3.5 inch Male $26, One 3inch Male $22.

    Lake Malawi Mbuna:

    Cyntilapia zebriodes “Ntekete” (White/Red Top) Rare: One 3.5 inch Male $17, Two 3 inch Males $12 each, Two 2.5 inch Males $11 each.

    Labidochromis caeruleus Lions Cove Yellow Labs One 3 inch Male $12.

    Lake Victorian:

    Xystichromis sp. “Kyoga Flameback” Albino Very Rare, Males Show great Color One 3.5 inch Male $20.00.

    The web site upgrade is still in process. Most of the information portion of the web site has now moved to our new free forum at http://cascommunityforums.com/index.php

    All Cichlids Are Special Customers and Capital Cichlid Association Members are encouraged to join the forum. This is a way for us to discuss the fish we like and learn from each other. There is a spot for the Capital Cichlid Club (CCA), the Cichlid Club of York (CCY), and the Aquarium Club of Lancaster County (ACLC) to post their events, contests, etc. Other fish clubs that want to join and have a place set up for their post, please send me an email @ cichlidsarespecial1@gmail.com so I can set you up. This is my way to give back to the clubs, especially for those that It is not possible for me to sponsor. CAS is currently a sponsor of the CCA in Silver Spring, MD only.

    Let's work together to get this forum rolling.

    Full upgrade of the site is delayed due to IRMA. My site developer is located in FL. He has to worry about this storm and his family first right now.

    My wholesaler is located on the east side of FL. He expects damage but hopes to remain operational. This storm is going to be tough on the tropical fish industry. No telling how much damage it may cause to some of the farms especially those near homestead. More importantly is the damage it may cause to the people living in those areas. This storm looks very bad. Could be worse than Andrew. Those of you that saw Laif Demasion's photo at the CCA meeting a few years back know what it may do. The photos out of places it already has hit are very scary as well. Let hope the people living down there get out of harms way in time.



    Cichlids Are Special.
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