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Water stable grazing foods?


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I'm looking for three different types of water stable foods that are large enough for grazing throughout the day.

-Plant based for my herbivores
-High protein for my fry growth
-Invert food, without added copper

(I know about the copper argument, but foods have naturally occurring copper, so I would prefer extra not added. For whatever difference it might make.)

So New Life Spectrum has a few options, but I read that garlic isn't great for long term health, so while I'm not writing NLS off entirely, I'm wondering if anyone knows of other options?

Would be cool to be able to get these three all in one place.

I sleep on and off throughout the day, so water stable grazing foods would be a nice addition to my feeding regimen.

(I also have auto feeders.)

I don't do water changes frequently, (I understock my tanks to cut down on work) so the water stability is important.


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have you thought about Repashy? I also really like the Tropical line of food that Super Cichlids carries. I've left some pellets in for grazing and they didn't get funky as fast as some other brands of pellets.


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I'd vote for Repashy. For the herbivores, I'd go with Soilent Green. For the others, I'd go with Igapo Explorer (which I think is available only from Swiss Tropicals).

I've tried the NLS gel food and it wasn't as good as Repashy.