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Update on Board of Directors election


Staff member
Good afternoon CCA’ers,

This is an update on the Board of Directors upcoming election scheduled to occur at our February 11 club meeting.

You’ve seen previous posts about the need for an off-scheduled Board of Directors election due to the resignation of current club president/treasurer as well as an open at-large seat. Several club members have announced their interest in volunteering to fulfil these roles, as follows.


Carol Shin – CCA Forum name - duraace571

Ross Martinez – CCA Forum name - Papas cichlids


Mark Kaprow CCA Forum name – Mark K


Scott Seronello CCA Forum name - seronels

Each candidate will provide a short biography that will be posted to the Forum shortly.

Voting will occur at the February 11 meeting. Only club members from 2022 and 2023 may vote, and only in-person, at the meeting. People may sign up for membership at the meeting.

Questions and comments can be directed to Abby Siegel at xny1989@hotmail.com

See you all on the 11th.


Staff member
Candidate Bios received thus far:

Carol Shin:
"My name is Carol. Most of you know me as the lady with the bettas. I am running for President of the club. I have been in the club for a while now and have a true love of the hobby and of all fish. Just to give you a little bit of background about me and my qualifications: Professionally, I have led several global divisions of major corporations with more than 600 employees under my purview, mostly focusing on customer service and relations. I’ve been personally promoted twice by two different CEOs of publicly-traded global Fortune 500 companies. From this experience, I have learned how to achieve goals under tight timelines and cultivate relationships. Educationally, I graduated from Yale Business School and understand how to run operations for large organizations. Personally, I currently run over 50 tanks with fish from various locations and also supply local hobbyists and stores with imported betta fish. I’m also a Director of PVAS and am taking the lead on organizing the next “Catfish Convention.” If elected, I will try my best to assist the club in any way possible. Kim has done an amazing job and I appreciate all she has done."

Scott Seronello:
"Scott Seronello has been keeping and breeding African Rift Lake cichlids on and off since 2001, specializing in Lake Tanganyikan cichlids. He was previously a member of CCA from 2011 to 2014 while stationed in Maryland with the Army. Since being medically retired in 2021, he has spent most of his time raising cichlids.

Since he can no longer work in a traditional career, Scott hopes to use his abilities as a scientist, leader, and organizer in the Member at Large position to expand donors for events and assist the CCA in whatever ways possible."

Others will be posted when received.


Staff member
Mark Kaprow:

"CCA member since 2009. Also member of Potomac Valley Aquarium Society, American Cichlid Association, Ohio Cichlid Association, Greater Chicago Cichlid Association and James River Aquarium Society. Board member of PVAS since 2019. Lifelong interest in cichlids. I don't have any special qualifications for the position of treasurer other than wanting the Capital Cichlids Association to continue as a viable club and a willingness to learn and fulfil the requirements of the position."


CCA Members
I don't think it is any real secret that CCA is a club in trouble right now. We have ten board positions, and only three people running. The club is in need of help if it is to continue for the next year, and onward. I've been a member of this club for over a decade, and I really love CCA. I don't want to see it fail. It's for that reason that I have decided to run for CCA President.

As president, I plan to work to create events, including regular meetings, that will draw in new members and bring back old ones. We will bring in attractive and interesting speakers. I will work with my many aquarium industry connections to increase sponsorship of the club. It is also my goal to work with other area clubs, sharing resources and ideas, both in the immediate local area and in the regional area. CCA has a fantastic social media presence which has been grossly underutilized, and can be expanded upon and grown.

At a more internal level, this club needs to increase communication between its leadership and membership. Over the past couple of years, this communication has been severely lacking. I plan to run this organization in an open and clear way. I will work to streamline the running of the club, bringing it into a modern age, and create an organisation that abides not only by its own bylaws, but the actual laws.