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Upcoming Group Buy for October 9th

Which vendor would you prefer?

  • Aquatic Clarity

    Votes: 10 52.6%
  • Tangled up in Cichlids

    Votes: 11 57.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


CCA is planning an in-person swap meet in Rockville on 10/9/2021. We'd like to offer a group buy for delivery to the swap meet. At this time, we're considering an order with Aquatic Clarity (www.aquaticclarity.com) or Tangled Up in Cichlids (https://www.tangledupincichlids.com/).

Group buys are normally only open to paid members, but the BOD has decided to open this one to the whole club, given how unusual the past year and a half has been.

Please use the voting buttons to let me know which vendor(s) you'd participate in a group buy with - you may select one or both. We'll decide on which vendor based on this poll, which closes in a week.


Past President
Both great vendors! Thanks for coordinating Becca. Unfortunately I can't buy any fish at the moment, but have had great experiences with both.


Will both vendors be attending the swap meet?
Well, one is in Wisconsin, so.....

I doubt TUIC will come out for something this small, but if we end up going with them, I'll ask. If enough folks are interested, we might be able to do both.

Each has nice lists in different ways.


CCA Members
I was planning to order from Aquatic clarity very soon, so this would be perfect! If a group buy doesn't work out, I'm still open to split shipping with anyone who wants to order.