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Tutti fruitti frogs


I was in the House of Tropicals yesterday to get some dwarf chain loaches and an African dwarf frog. Anyway, I noticed that they have pastel colored frogs called "tutti fruitti frogs". They appear to be dyed African clawed frogs. There were pink, blue, turquoise, green, etc. Does anyone know anything about these frogs? How do they make them turn those colors? Do they dye them as embryos, tadpoles, frogs? Are they tattooed? Is the color permanent. Most importantly, does it harm the frog? I noticed that there were 3 or 4 dead ones in the tank, but no dead ones in the plain albino African clawed frog tank. They colored ones also didn't appear to be as active. I was at House of Tropicals the previous week, and they did not have them at that time. I am wondering if they got them in for Easter?? Anyway, any info on these guys would be appreciated.
Thank you!


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I can't think of a worse way to "celebrate" Easter...other than dying a chick or rabbit, I guess.



It really upset me when I saw them. They looked so un-natural and, as I said, less healthy than the regular albino ones. I was really surprised to see them at House of Tropicals. I hope they are not going to start carrying them all the time.


Seems sort of pagan for Easter

Frogs are traditionally sort of a witchy/shamanic affectation more so than Judeo-Christian, but then I don't know what to say about a holiday (or a theology) that's based on publicly nailing a man (or three) to a tree trunk. With that as a starting point, dying frogs seems pretty mild even if not as outrageous and qualifies for association just by also being bizarre.

Dyed fish, tattooed fish, frankenfish and now dyed frogs - so pleased that at least one retailer offers truly inspired consumer choices and serves as a beacon of enlightenment for the hobby.



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The frogs are just regular albino frogs that have been soaked -- fairly recently -- in dye. It is not permanent, and will slowly fade over the next 6 months or so.

As to what damage it causes. . . .dye soaking animals appears to cause no damage, and is a lot better than injection or tattooing, which is also popularly done. However, I cannot imagine that it doesn't damage the animal to have its entire body submerged in dye until it stains for months ... Cancer down the road, kidney problems, who knows?

The process is abhorrent. As if there aren't enough naturally coloured animals out there that we have to do harm to another animal to make it "better" or something. If it was done in the US, it'd probably be illegal, but they're imported this way. . . .


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I saw these at HOT yesterday. Disappointing.

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