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TUIC 2.0


Also posted this on the other thread - new owner is Kevin Cumberton. He posted this on Mo Devlin's FB page.

Kevin Cumberton: I dunno. I hear hes a jerk 🤷‍♂️

Lol Thank you Mo Devlin.
Yes, it is true. I have taken over the operation of TUIC as the owner and operator.
Mo and I go back to the tankbusters . com days and have been friends for over 2 decades. Jeff and I as well go back to just after the beginning of TUIC. I was fortunate enough to live only a few miles away from Jeff and being friends I always had access to the hatchery. Quick web search(you know you did 😉) you will see that for decades I have been working with cichlids. Almost, if not all, were from Jeff or one of his sources. Everything I've bred has always gone back to Jeff and many species you have purchased from him likely came from my personal collection.

Status of the hatchery.
Permits, waiting, zoning, wildlife permits, known cargo docs, waiting, legal contracts, yes more waiting etc etc etc.
I had to tear down and relocate Jeff's entire 10,000 gallon facility. We have relocated about 30miles east of the former location.
Yes, Jeff is retired. He no longer resides in NJ. Also yes, Jeff will have a minor roll in TUIC for a number of years. It is very minor. But let's say he actually has the fun part. He will even be here at the new facility to help out from time to time.
Jeff has introduced me to all of his vendors including his exclusive vendors to which I have been communicating with and I have reached out to a few new potentials on my own to help grow and have more available options for you all. Everything has been positive. Jeff and Kate are AMAZING people. Honestly, two of the best people to walk this planet. I talk with Jeff everyday. Sometimes more than once. Our relationship extends beyond fish and we are both super excited to relaunch. Almost all of Jeff's policies will remain. I have taken over all the accounts and even could have acquired his employee if I had chose.
What about the fish and stock list right? Today I spent 11hours in customs with over 50 boxes of fish. This was our second delivery of fish this week. We have 4 more just like it coming.
Once everything is in house, vetted and see what makes the cut we will relaunch the new website and stock list.
In the meantime we have a new facebook page already opened and we started an Instagram page. Like and follow!

We are SUPER excited to launch and I know the emails have been pouring in the last few weeks.
Am I Jeff.. No. However, I a believer of "dont fix what ain't broke" so I won't be changing much. Mostly just bringing things up to date. Customer service is what made Jeff. We will continue. I have him to lean on and advise. You wont be disappointed.
Days away! Stay tuned!


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Red spotted, which is nice. I've wondered why we don't often get the nicer Guianacara here.

Maybe characins are coming in the future?
I'm pretty sure all of the Guianacara "here" are progeny of a group I bought from Batfish in 2014. They raised one batch of like 300 babies and never let another set hatch again.