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Toss heater or ok to use?


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Growth rates depend on water quality, feeding frequency/quality, and, to some extent, yes, temperature. I guess I never see great growth rates out of most of my fish, but I don't know that I've ever chalked it up to the heaters. Generally I get good growth rates when I have a decent sized grow -out tank available.


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You don't see slow growth at those low temps?

My basement varies a lot in temps. It's mostly cooler in summer, but I can probably turn them off in winter.

I've been trying to match to recorded species specs.

I've actually had some of the worst heater results with well known brands. Not old heaters either.

I looked over my heaters and a bunch are the cheapo Chinese ones where I forgot about UL. These are the ones I've actually been having the best performance with. Oddly enough.
I have no idea if the growth is slower, but so what?