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This week’s arrivals 2/3/20

Caribe piranha 4” 15 available
Orinoco peacock bass 6-7”
Aimara wolf fish 9-10”
Spotted head pike *Stunning fish*
Gorillus Blue Umbee 2-4”
Wide bar silver dollars 3”
African arowana
L-129 Columbia zebra pleco
Tiger severum
Silver hatchet fish
Marble hatchet fish
Marble gar
Striped gar
Green neons
Rummy nose
Spatuloricaria xingu
Platinum parrot
Hump head threadfin acara
Salvini cichlid
Williamsi north (blue lip)
Bumble bee cichlid mbuna
Red top ice blue mbuna
Red top albino zebra
Rhodes cichlid
Lavender mbuna
Yellow jacket cichlid
Silver arowana
Flame back hap
Aurora cichlid
Baensch peacock
Electric blue red eye albino
Blue elongatus
Malawi albino eye biter
600 fancy shrimp
Sri Lanka male guppy’s
Clown loach 2”
Hujeta /rocket gar
Mosquito rasbora