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So plants that have the best chance of surviving Oscars and sevrums?


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I will be placing them in the back of my tank behind a web of woven drift wood(hoping a small power head will be able to push the fish poo to my filter on the opposite side cause its gonna be a pain to vac) Any chance for Bolbitus, anubius, jana fern attached to the wood to make it?


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I keep heros severus and have not been able to keep many plants with them. Even plants that I protect the base have their leaves pulled out.

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Yeah you might run into some issues with them "rescaping" the tank and even nibbling on them. I have had pretty good luck with my floaters though


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Hmm i still may try it, need some hides for the bottom dwellers (fire eel, bichir, lima shovel nose)


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your best bet is to plant decoy plants at the same time. something tastier than what you want to plant on the back and a whole lot of them so they can barely swim in the tank. then maybe they will be too busy eating the decoy plants that the others will survive.