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September Meeting


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September 9th
Kennedy High School
Silver Spring Maryland
Meeting starts at 2pm, Doors open at 1

Chris Carpenter

Shell Dwellers From Lake Tanganyika

Chris Carpenter is the vice president of the Grand Valley Aquarium Club in Grand Rapids Michigan. Chris has won awards, such as Breeder of the year, Aquarist of the year, Master Breeder, Old World Cichlid Specialist, and Master. Chris became serious about the world of fish when he gave up drugs, and alcohol almost 11 years ago. He has learned a lot in the last ten years and focused a great deal of his time in the hobby on the cichlids from Lake Tanganyika, particularly the Shell Dwellers. Chris has kept, and bred many of these species, and is honored to have the chance to share what he has learned with you.

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Going to miss this one. Why does the Carnival of Chocolate have to be at the same time?!

Does anyone besides me happen to take regular notes at meetings?


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will be interesting I have thought about adding these fish this might just be the push I need.


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Get your shell-dweller questions ready... and don't forget to register your items for the mini-Auction!

Also, we will have L Lisa Hoeber from www.supercichlids.com at the meeting. Get free shipping on items delivered to the meeting... and buy raffle tickets at the meeting to spin for free stuff on the Wheel of Fortune and win raffle prizes (winners of wheel spins will have their tickets added back to win raffle prizes)...



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Did someone say, "Pizza?"

Come to the September CCA meeting and you'll find out :)

Also, please feel free to bring a snack or drinks to share...