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See ya all Saturday!


invert junkie
Staff member
Let me know if anyone wants me to bring anything, I AM attending on Saturday :)
Orange neo $4
Crystal Black Shrimp – $6 (home bred)
Green neo peewees (home bred) $4.50. SALE $3
Blue ruby neo peewees (home bred) $4.50
Cherry shrimp (home bred) $2 SOLD OUT FOR NOW, growing out
Indian White Banded shrimp $4.50
Green babaulti shrimp $4.50
Indian Zebra shrimp (cf. babaulti) $4.50

Assassin snails $1, SALE
Horned nerite $2
Red spot nerite $2
Zebra nerite $2
Limnopilos naiyanetri (Micro crab) $3.50
Plecos and Catfish:
L144 young (short finned, home bred) 1″ $8
Otocinclus $2.50
Corydoras pygmaeus $2.50
Corydoras habrosus $2.50
Hara jerdoni $3.50
Farlowella (twig catfish), few $8
Schooling fish:
Boraras merah $2
Black Kuhli loach $1, few
Espei rasboras (Lambchop rasbora) $2
Dwarf scissortail (Rasbosoma spilocerca) $3,
Orange hatchet (Laubuka dadiburjori)$3.50
Paracheirodon simulans (Green neon) $2.50
Pygmy gourami $1.75
Danio erythromicron $3.50
Kyathit danio $4
Kuhli loach (striped) $1.80
Clown Killi $4
Stiphodon percnopterygionus $20/pair, Female only $12, FEW
Celestial Pearl Danios $4
Danionella translucia $4.50
Sundadanio margaritition (green) $4
Ember tetra $2
Puntius oligolepis (Checker barb) $3
Brevibora dorsiocellata (Emerald eye rasbora) $2
Microdevario kubotai (home bred) $4
Rhinogobious candidianus $15/pair
Pseudomugil gertrudae $4.50
Dario dario $4.50

L236 Hypancistrus $100/", 1.25-1.75" available

L450 Hypancistrus $30, 1.5"ish


invert junkie
Staff member
friday night would be best, but as late as probably 9 am on Saturday would be the absolute latest. Thanks Christine!