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Recommendations for Sump setup


I’ve always used canisters and am looking to setup a sump. I’m planning to use my 54 gallon tank as a sump. Here are my questions -

1. My 125 gallon tank is not drilled to support a sump drain. Any suggestions or recommendations who could drill the tank for me? I don’t want to risk doing it myself.

2. I also have poret foam that I’m planning to use in the sump. Is that good enough or should I use any other media as well?

3. Are there any preferred design for sumps? Pros and cons ?

thank you!


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I only use Poret in my sump and it’s great. You can read all about my setup here and I’m also happy to answer any questions you have —>

If you’re drilling new holes, I’d definitely go with a BeAn Animal setup. Mine is a modified version because it was pre-drilled, but it’s been wonderfully quiet and pretty low maintenance.