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PVAS All Day Auction April 7, 2019


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Wish I could make it, but will be in Atlanta that weekend. Best of luck! Always been a great event, would highly recommend it to anyone interested.


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Are there typically uncommon tangayikan cichlids at this auction? I saw on mygroupauctions gold ocellatus.
Hard for me to say, since I don't pay much attention to lake cichlids. There typically are lots of uncommon fish, however, so it's quite possible.


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I'm not sure there is a "typical" for what is in these big auctions when it comes to lesser known fish. But even the day of more stuff is getting added and some people don't even know what they're bringing until they finish getting things bagged up in the morning. So it is definitely worth going if you have the time and a little tank space - or even just fish you want to sell to make tank space.

People drive in from PA, NJ and even the Carolinas, so it can be a good chance to get species that aren't being bred locally. I've never come away with an empty styro!


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Auction update!

There are some very cool catfish and dwarf cichlids already listed at www.mygroupauctions.com. I'm sure many more will be added before Sunday.

In addition, there will be a live fish raffle, featuring Pencilfish, Blue-eyes, and Checkerboard Cichlids in our Live Fish Raffle. The fish have all arrived and are being given 10 days to settle in before being bagged up for the auction. They are all feeding voraciously on frozen food, black worms, Repashy, and high quality flakes. It's been such a privilege to see these beautiful fish side-by-side to note their similarities and differences. The Ivantsoff's and Red Neon Blue-eyes are relatively small, elegant, and refined whereas the P. furcatus and Pacific Blue-eyes are bigger and super boisterous. Watch your fingers when feeding!

The Checkerboard Cichlid's markings are brilliant and bold only to be matched by the bold slashes of black across the Three-Barred Pencilfish. Both the D. filamentosus and D. maculatus are healthy and inquisitive. We were not able to get the Nannostomus rubrocaudatus in time for the auction, but we have plenty of the gorgeous and personable N. espei, N. mortenthaleri, and N. beckfordi for the many pencilfish fans out there. The colors on the wild-caught N. mortenthaleri are eye-popping. Nothing subtle about these beauties.


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Auctions are incredibly unpredictable. You'll never know what might show up in the auction -- I've found bucket list at auctions, even ones I'd browsed the listings for right before going, then suddenly, "Wait, there's WHAT next?"


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It was a bucket list, not a fish.
I dont know why you would write a list on a bucket though. That's not the way it works.