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Pre Order List 4 Fiasco


CCA Members
Hey folks,

If you ordered off of list 4 and haven't gotten a refund yet, please let me know -- I think I got everyone.

I also wanted to apologise for the fiasco around it. The fish for that order were supposed to have arrived Friday morning; its a smaller wholesaler, and its a little difficult to keep them on schedule. They told me they would be shipping for Friday late, rather than Friday morning.... then, they had a flood Friday night, and weren't able to ship, but would ship for Saturday morning. Then, they had another customer who changed some stuff on an order, and they weren't able to make the Saturday ship outs.... And then they had another customer cancel, and they wouldn't be going to the airport until Sunday morning... at which point I told them to kindly take the order and ... well, the order didn't arrive. :)

I've never had a wholesaler give me such a runaround to get stuff shipped out, and they had the bulk of my order for stuff to sell at the table. Since without that order, I had only a handful of fish to sell, I gave my table to Nick and moved on with my life. :p Either way, I know a lot of people were disappointed to not have either their pre orders, or the really cool fish I usually bring, and I'm sorry for that.

I'll be at the April meeting, and I'll make sure to have some Cool Stuff to make up for it!


I already have your crap for it in person, so I’ll be nice on here ;) everything else looks great and the refund was received. Thank you, sir!