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Picked up an interesting congo tetra


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So I know, long fin, yellow fin, albino but this one caught my eye.

I have a school of jumbos he will join after he gets a bit bigger but at the moment, he is the only one I have seen that has a blue/purple sheen over most of his body.

It still has the gold and green lines all congos have but it has a blue iridescence I haven't seen on one before.

Is this common, is it the same as my other congos? I will try to get some pictures when the little guy gets settled in.

I he doesn't grow quickly I will get him a couple buddies, and they all can join my school together


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Yes, the Albino Congo is likely the same species, and should school with them. I get them from time to time, they're one of the few albinos I actually REALLY like.