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Outdoor Tubbing


DavidG / CCA Member
I'm a little late for this year but I just purchased 3 seventy gallon Rubbermaid stock tanks , I want to raise some of my fish and plants outside .
Is anyone using solar air pumps or Water pumps. From what I have seen I am not impressed.
I am thinking I just need some air stones and a small air pump. I also bought some 30% shade cloth to help keep out dragon flies and other critters.
Please any suggest are welcome , I'm here to learn from the season tubbers.


CCA Members
I use pumps in filter boxes for my smaller tubs, and actual filters for larger ones. Ideally, you can get away with just aerating (or even using sponge filters) but I don't use any shade or other coverings, so more stuff gets in my tubs. I gave up on coverings - between dogs and kids they always end up destroyed at my place.


Global Moderators
I used to use water pumps and/or box filters. Last summer, I used only an air stone and had better plant growth than in past years. I also did water changes on my tub every 3-4 weeks.


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My outdoor tub is about 550 gallons so I use a cheap pond pump that I made into an in pond filter with a bucket and poret filter media. Plus I have a couple air stones in there too. It's all on house electric though not solar.