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Figured I share some photos of my basement/fishroom. Ive been snaping photos here and there for the past year. Im also not sure how long Ill be here so its nothing too crazy. Photos will be from when I first moved in, actually...before I even moved in till right now. Im always doing something down there though, so its constantly changing.
20171026_221129.jpg 20171026_221129.jpg 20171026_221101.jpg 20180722_192321_HDR.jpg 20180722_192321_HDR.jpg 20180729_175717_HDR.jpg 20180914_182641_HDR.jpg 20181108_185818_HDR.jpg 20181108_185830_HDR.jpg 20181108_190008_HDR.jpg 20181108_190002_HDR.jpg 20181108_185659_HDR.jpg 20181108_190047_HDR.jpg 20181108_185859_HDR.jpg
My imagination is going wild, you definitely have a great foundation there. I can not wait till you get it up and running. I wish you lived closer I would definitely volunteer some assistance to you.