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Offense, defense, and the stuff in between...

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You've heard the time-worn sports cliches and how they apply to other areas of life:

"The best offense is a good defense."

"Offense scores points. Defense wins games."

Well, which one is it?

Both. Applied in the proper measure. At least, that's my take on it.

We need to play "defense" in our fish-keeping as much as we play offense.

"Defense", in our world, is the day-to-day things that we need to do to keep our tanks running well: Feeding fishes, observing, adjusting parameters to make sure that the system is running optimally, or reacting to a disease or other health issue of the fishes and plants, or repairing equipment, etc. "Defense", in this context, is what almost every aquarist on the planet practices on a daily basis.

Would we be better served buy investing more energy in offense? You know, "attacking" problems proactively from the outset? Before they become problems? I think so. (click to read more)