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October is CCA Board of Directors Election Month


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My name is Shawn Leffler and I am running for recording secretary, again. I've been a member of CCA since 2010 and I've held this position for the last few years. I try to help out the club as much as I can since its been so great to me. I also coordinate speakers for our monthly meetings and try :rolleyes: to run our Breeders Award Program. {Breed fish, File a form, Earn points and MONEY!!!} I have 8 tanks at home and maintain three more throughout my school building. All of them have cichlids and catfishes. I look forward to serving you and making this club even more AWESOMER! :D


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Glad to have you volunteering for service again. Also love the made up descriptive words. I need to get signed up for membership so that I can join in on this breeders award program you speak of.



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I'm Jon Clark and currently running for on of the Member At Large positions on the Board of Directors.

I am the current president of the CCA (I think this was my second term, but can't remember exactly). I've been a member of the club since 2009 and in some position on the BOD since 2011. Although other commitment outside of the club prevent me from being able to serve another term as president, I still want to be a part of the leadership of the club. I was the chairman of the BFD last year and will hold the same position for our event in 2017.

The CCA has been a source of information, enjoyment, and friendship for me since I became a member of the club. I hope to be able to pass that same experience on to others!