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November Meeting Table Sales Sign Up!


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Hey Folks,

You've probably seen the thread discussing that we will not have an auction at the November meeting. Please use this thread to sign up if you're interested in doing table sales.

To read the thread on the November meeting, or discuss it:

Please only use this thread to sign up or list what you have for sale -- discussions will be deleted mercilessly. Or moved to the other thread. I dunno. :)


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Of course, I'll do a table myself.

Here's what I'm planning on bringing:

Paratilapia polleni
Hypsophrys nicaraguense
Splash Tetras
Fire Barbs
Kubotai Rasbora
Choprae Danio
New Ranger Pleco
Poecilocharax weitzmanni
Apisto. borelli
Pv. kribensis "Boya"
Chromatilapia linkei
Microctenepoma fascolatum
Bathyaethiops breusheghemi
Phenocogrammus sp. "Fantastique"
Phenocogrammus sp. "Makoua Orange"
Phenocogrammus aurantiacus
Hyphessobrycon cyanotaenia
Microgeophagus sp. "Zweilfleck"
Otocinclus caxarari
Otocinclus cf. vittatus
Otocnclus cf. arnoldi
Pterochromis congicus

Ludvigia Ovalis
Rorippa aquatica
Hygrophila sp. "Willow Blue."
Hygrophila sp. "Willow Red"
Bacopa madagascariensis
Lagenandra meeboldi
Ludwigia rubin
Bacopa myriophylloides
Staurogyne Port Velho
Lobelia cardinalis "Wavy Wave"
Bacopa Araguaia
Red Devil Swords

And some other odds and ends! :)


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I will be bringing some Tanganyikans

JNeolamprologus leleupi breeder size
Julidochromis transcriptus Bemba close to breeding size
Julidochromis marlieri
Julidochromis ornatus "Congo"
Neolamprologus buescheri
Chalinochromis brichardi

Wet Sleeves

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Is there receptacles for sponges? Or is it advised to just pre bag everything? I dont even know what a fair price for my plants are :eek:


Bearded Wonder
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Dang. I wish I could be there. I’ll be in NC visiting a vet school. Good luck sellers!