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November 2019 Meeting - Joshua Wiegert


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Next CCA Meeting
November 9th

Joshua Wiegert

Mochokid Catfish


John F. Kennedy High School

1901 Randolph Rd, Glenmont, MD 20902


1:00 - Doors Open for Setup and Socializing

2:00 - Talk starts

3:00 -Raffle prizes and Table Sales


Joshua Wiegert is the owner of Batfish Aquatics, an aquarium company in the Washington DC area, where he works to design, install, and maintain aquariums as large as 12,000 gallons. He is a well known aquarist who has maintained a fish room of over 400 aquariums. Additionally, he is an author and aquarium celebrity, having penned numerous articles in Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine, including the ongoing Bottom of the Tank column, Aquarium Fish International, and numerous other mediums.
This month instead of our usual auction, we'll have a marketplace where members can sell anything fish-related.

Here's how it works:
  • Table setup will be after the speaker has finished his talk
  • $10 pays for the table, you set the price and you keep all proceeds
  • BAP fish can still be sold, but you won't receive bonus points as you would in an auction
  • Any donations will be sold through a special raffle separate from the usual raffle
Anyone that is planning to set up a table can post in this thread, or start their own thread, but please limit pre-sales so that attendees have the opportunity to browse and purchase.


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Honestly, I watched this movie again with my kids a few years ago and it was creepy. There's something about Dread Pirate Roberts' facial expressions that make the likeness far greater than a still photo portrays.


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I've actually always thought it worse in Men in Tights ... that's the first time anyone made the comparison


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If you're planning a sales table, don't forget to let folks know what you'll be bringing!


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I'll have a couple of tanks, wet dry filter, shrimp, and some scud starters.