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No July meeting!


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Friendly reminder there is no regular scheduled meeting this month.

Visit some local fish stores, or check other club calendars, though most other clubs take July off as well.

ACA in Connecticut next weekend for anyone that can't wait! 4 day event with plenty to do, about a 6-7 hour drive from our area, closer than its been for a while.

We'll have a summer picnic in August, will post details when available!


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We're going to try something new this year. August summer picnic with Super Cichlids!

Lisa and Martin recently opened a new storefront for their retail business, and they generously offered to host for the picnic.

I realize it's not a central location to the normal meeting location, but we're hoping plenty of people will still be interested in making the trip to socialize with CCA friends, and potentially support a great club sponsor.

The location of their store front is:

1055 Barl Ct
Dover DE

We'll still maintain the same format where a main course(s) is provided, and the rest is potluck style for side dishes, desserts, snacks, drinks, etc.

I'll post more details once I can confirm final plans with Lisa, and start a new thread for who is coming and what they're bringing.

For people traveling US-50 across the bridge and up to Delaware, you'll be within a reasonable from one of our new sponsors, Londontowne Tropicals. We're going to discuss logistics for possibly a group meet-up before or after the picnic if people are interested in checking out the store, it's received good reviews so far.

Sorry for the last minute notice, just been a hectic few weeks/months and plans were up in the air.

Will post more details on the new thread, but the picnic will be on Saturday August 10th, likely closer to noon.


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I love the idea of a picnic supporting one of our sponsors, and definitely of the club going there. However, I feel that the distance here is a huge issue, and the problem is exacerbated by the fact that it replaces not only a regular meeting, but one of the major social events for the club. I would love to see us organise a group trip to Super Cichlids -- I'm a big proponent of the whole "we scratch your back, you scratch ours" exchange between clubs and sponsors, where we -- as a club -- should absolutely be supporting them. But, I feel that replacing the summer picnic with this is unfair. It's over a two hour drive, each way, from the CCA meeting location, or the usual picnic location -- "not a central location?" Its well outside of the usual area, and some of our members will see a three hour drive or more -- not to mention the gas, tolls, etc. involved in getting there. :( Beyond that... its a Saturday in August, and that's on the way to Ocean City and all the other beaches....

Don't get me wrong, at all, I would love for CCA to organise a trip there, on a different occasion. And, ideally, with either carpools or even renting a church van (even if we all had to chip in $10 to go or something). It could even be mixed with hitting some other shops on the way -- a good 'ol fashioned' shop hop.
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We'll have to skip it this year. We've got a birthday party in Bethesda that day and, if it were closer, we could probably manage both, but not with this distance. It's also less than 2 weeks away and no official announcement has been made yet. A trip like this takes some planning and I'd be happy to go there some other time, so long as there's someone to share driving, but heading in the direction of the beach on a weekend in the summer is bound to be more than a 3 hour drive from here.

I'll likely visit them when we go to Lewes towards the end of the month, but there's no way I can do a trip like that with just over a week to try to figure out what to do with dogs, kids, etc., even if we didn't have a birthday party to go to.


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If it was Annapolis, or even up into Baltimore, I could probably justify it, but yeah, all the way into Delaware is a no go for me


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Concerns are noted. I know its risky, but won't know how well it works out until we give it a try.

Honestly, we're becoming too reliant on some people to continually provide their time, effort and hospitality for the club. And we're always lacking other people to step up and volunteer to take certain things over, or at least pitch in.

I've been very busy both at work and home, and lost track of getting this organized. I figured it was better to try something new than to cancel the event.

Hope to see a few people there.