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New to Cichlids


New Member
Hi all!

I just joined. Previously I kept red belly piranha in a 55 gal setup. I ended up giving that equipment away years ago and am now looking to get back into the hobby.

I'm enthralled by the beauty of the African cichlids. I'd like to keep a mix of peacocks and mbuna in a 120 gallon tank (48x24x24) with a sump.

Firstly, I need to find a tank! Is there anyone here looking to upgrade their setup to a bigger tank? Could you suggest where to look? I can diy and build a stand to suit and would be comfortable resealing too.

So glad I discovered this group and look forward to growing in the hobby!



Welcome! Are you going to the BFD? Might be too soon for fish, but would give you a great preview of what the club has to offer.

If you're flexible on size, I have a 5' 120 and a less than perfect 6' 180 for sale.

There's frequently tanks available for sale in the marketplace section of our forum, and Craigslist is a good place to look for deals on used tanks.

Plenty of people here keep African cichlids, including peacocks and mbuna, so feel free to ask any questions.