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New member

Hello! My name is Justin. I'm new to these whole forum thing but wish to learn from everyone. I've been keeping cichlids for close to a year now. Started to get breeding activity. Now i don't have anyone in the area that wants my cichlids.
I got red dragon bloods peacocks and blue dragon blood peacocks and red top lwandas. I would love some help with finding people who wants some.


Staff member
Welcome to the club! Peacocks are generally popular in the club and I'm sure members can help you get rid of them. When we had physical meetings there was an auction each month where people could enter fish, we even tried a few marketplace events where people had tables set up.

Once we have meetings again that will be easier, but in the meantime you can advertise what you have available, pictures always get better responses.

Look forward to hearing about the fish you keep, lwanda peacocks are one of my favorite.