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New Fish


A few new fish came in last week...

LARGE dovii's.... I mean LARGE.... about 15 inches.
Albino eureka reds
Nice fronts... Mpimbwe 35.00
Callochromis macrops
Regal peacocks
Gold occies
T. brichardi


Saw those dovii today. True monsters. There's also some large hartwegi in there as well. Oh and some thoricthys aureus as well


Any cool Malawi stuff worth mentioning? I'm looking for large Haps and Peacocks, or really any males over 2.5" range? I live in Harford County so when I come down I like to make sure my trip is worth it


Large clown knives :)

A good selection of Africans atm.... leth red caps, copidocromis, large peacocks, kilesa pairs :) Wild comps, large haps, 2+ haps, C. horei.


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I stopped by the store yesterday on my day off. I ended up picking up a nice group (hopefully 2M/4F, maybe 3/3) of thorichthys aureus:


I also picked a some firemouths and a couple paratheraps fenestratus. Thanks again to Francine who helped catch fish for me.

Go support HOT. If we don't, there won't be any LFS left.


Price of dovii and can you send to india

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Old thread. HOT is a local store that does not ship.

If you are looking for dovii, try Cichlids of the Americas. I know Dan ships internationally.