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New Fish available from this month's speaker - pickup at meeting


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Hey Everyone!

Peter George will be speaking this week, and he's offering to bring a newly collected fish if people are interested. They will be delivered to this Saturday's CCA meeting.

Pseudocrenilabrus sp. 'yellow weed picker'

He's offering to bring groups of F0 adults, 3 inches, 2 males and 5 females in each group. Please message him on Facebook about pricing if you are interested or PM him L Lamprichthys

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Any information on their natural habitat? I am striking out. I have a planted 75 I am considering adding fish to.


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Siiiiigh... I wish. I'd probably have to find a new home for something, though, possibly myself...


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Lol. I just bought some nicholsi from Dave's for the BFD group buy.

How can we contact him if we have no facebook?
Right here. I am actually a member of the Forum. These are exceptionally nice fish, and these are the first to ever get to the hobby. P. nicholsi are gorgeous, but very difficult to maintain because of inter-specific aggression between males. These are much mellower, a bit bigger and although not as beautiful as nicholsi, they are really attractive in a more subtle way. So let me know if you're interested.


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Great looking fish! Thanks for the very generous offer to deliver fish to the meeting. Look forward to having you on saturday.