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New around here :)


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Just got into the African Cichlid world, graduated from my 20L to a 75. I have questions regarding what species i have, and I've posted twice in the "old world" section, and for whatever reason it wasn't approved. Is there a way to message the folks in charge of that, to tell me why? I posted up 12 pictures, one of each fish, asking what they were.

Seems to be a lot of information on here, and I'm new to all of this. It's overwhelming! haha. I'm having a great time though.

Excited to keep reading all these awesome threads!

Frank Cowherd

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Welcome to CCA, Jakedoo.

On worms, Lil Rob, you can buy worm flakes to feed fish. Live worms can be used to get fish into breeding condition. A number of hobbysts in the local area raise red wigglers to feed their fish. Cichlids love worms.