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Neolamprologus brichardi and Neolamprologus leleupi colonies in the same tank?


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Just a hypothetical question, if the tank is big enough, would it be able to work? Not sure if there's any information on it online, but everything I could find was just people asking if the two could hybridize or live with frontosas in undersized tanks. I think it'd be interesting to have albino n.brichardi and firecracker n.leleupi in the same tank, doing their own brichardi and leleupi things.


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I think they will hybridize. If not, the first pair to spawn will eliminate the rest. I’ve never kept different neolamprologus together in one tank so I can’t speak from experience. Perhaps someone else has tried it.


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I have kept them together in the past with no hybridization issues. However, depending on the size of the tank, when Brichardi or Pulchers breed they can get real protective. If tank is too small then nothing will have a good time in there with them.