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Need Ride for Speaker Sun. Afternoon


Alligator Snapping Turtle/Past Pres
Hey guys,

Thanks to Manuel, we have someone picking up Ad and Ken from BWI on Friday evening.

My wife, Maria, will be taking Ad back to the airport on Sunday morning (during the swap meet).

If anyone coming down from Baltimore area could kindly take Ken back to BWI, it would be majorly appreciated. His flight is out at 3:15, so he'd have to get there around 2:15.

This still leaves plenty of time to hang out at the swap meet.

I would do it myself, but will be tied up during with the event.

Thanks in advance,


Consider it done!

Sounds like it would be a bigger help for me to take Ken to the airport than to hang around and help clean up.


I don't know

You do understand that he's much better with elephants than anything powered by an internal combustion engine?


I do have a friend that works at the Baltimore Zoo maybe I would be able to pull a few strings... LOL!