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Native aquatic plants found in DC


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The other day I went down to Little falls down Massachusetts Ave in Washington DC. I found what looked like a giant puddle, but was pretty deep. It had an interesting looking aquatic plant, and actually looked pretty good. I took some home in a zip lock and placed them outside (I didn't want them in the house just in case). I found that they are Limnobium spongia (American frogbit) Here are pictures I took at the location



Just a heads up when collecting in DC, most of the park ground is federally owned, and much of it is illegal to remove any materials from, especially Rock Creek Park.

Cool looking plant though! Don’t think I’ve ever come across that


you also might want to hook up with the local planted aquarium club, GWAPA. They've got some people that are excellent at plant identification and are familiar with what grows in our local waterways.