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Moving sale!


Hey everyone! As you may or may not know, I’m in the process of moving to Michigan. I will be moving my livestock up there, but will have tanks and equipment free! No pictures yet, all tanks are in the process of being drained and the sand removed (can also leave if requested). All tanks hold water unless otherwise stated. I will only be available for pickup in Brentwood until Tuesday (not available on Tuesday). All prices negotiable within reason. ContactlessPorch pickup preferred.

50 breeder with lids and 2x4 stand built by me, not stained. Fish room quality but not bad. $75

40 breeder, chip in corner that does not affect the tank at all. Glass lid and T8 light fixture included. $50

33 gallon long (4 foot tank, very difficult size to find) with lids, no light. Metal stand. Minor scratches. $75

20 gallon long with glass lids, no light. Stand made from 2x4, not stained, built by me. Tank in great condition. $40

20 gallon long, glass lid. No stand, no light. Tank in great condition. $25

10 gallon (3 available, only 1 glass lid available). With lid: $15, Without lid: $10. All tank are in good condition.

100 gallon metaframe (from the 60’s). Does not hold water, has worked amazingly as a reptile tank. Has a particle board black standthat previously held a different aquarium.VERY heavy, will need extra people to move it. $75 OBO (really any offer, I need this gone ASAP please!!!!)
Fluval 305 complete. Can include used media (not positive what’s in there). $50

AC10-$5 (works, may be a bit loud, needs some cleaning, no media)
AC30-$10 (same as above)

Female 2.5” cutteri-free
Various inert rocks, several 10’s of pounds. Free to anyone that wants them! Need them gone or they’re getting left behind the garage.

180 gallon glass with chip in corner. Has been used as a reptile tank. May hold water, not willing to test it. Has a ridiculously overbuilt lowboy 4x4 stand. No lids unless you want some egg crate and a homemade wood/screen. $150. HEAVY! Please have extra hands available!!! OBO, will need gone ASAP once freed up after Tuesday.

Can text rough pictures of anything, just PM for phone number. Thanks for looking! Hopefully everyone can hell


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same as a 40 breeder, just taller. 36”x18”x19”
So what you're saying is that I could have an extra inch of aquarium height, with a whole 10 gallons extra water, for the same footprint as one of my 40 breeders? Tempting.


Are you saying the stand for the 50 breeder is fish room quality or the tank is?
The tank. It’s got some scratches. However, I’m a bit overly picky with that sometimes. There is nothing major on it. The stand is definitely fishroom quality. It’s built like a rock, but is just plain 2x4s

mans yes, Becca! Just a little bit more height and more water!

and seriously Josh, come and get it.


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I would love to get the metaframe, but I have no way to actually GET IT, which is why I don't have it currently. :)


I would love to get the metaframe, but I have no way to actually GET IT, which is why I don't have it currently. :)
Unfortunately it’s still here and we leave (for the most part) on Tuesday. I will be back here and there but this has to be gone 😩 we need it moved to get the new flooring done