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"Know they neighbor": Lessons from nature on stocking...

Tannin Aquatics

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We spend enormous amounts of time trying to create interesting, colorful, and harmonious fish communities; it's not only fun to do, but it's essential to creating a successful aquarium. Everyone knows that a properly-selected group of fishes will create an environment that achieves all of these objectives and more. We do all sorts of research to figure out the best combinations.

For some, it can get really overwhelming- sorting through all of that literature and ferreting out suggestions from other hobbyists!

There is actually a better "source" to turn to...Ask yourself this:

Couldn't there be some information we could glean by looking at naturally-occurring fish communities in our target area? I think so! Let's take a brief look at a community of fishes derived from a study which took a random sampling of various Amazonian igarape habitats, and consider how the findings could help create an interesting assemblage of fishes for our aquariums! Now of course, in my typical hobbyist's zeal and sloppy research fashion, I took great notes but forgot to write down the name of the study... urgggh! :(

First off- some interesting facts! (click to read more)