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Inkbird controller


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After discovering a heater stuck on, I am looking to get a temp controller for my (new) heater. I know inkbird controllers are popular, but I am unsure if there is a specific model that is preferred. To those of you who use inkbirds, which model do you have/prefer?


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This is the model I have 2 of. No complaints or problems with them so far. Only 2-3 years old. Simple and easy to use. Only temp controller I have ever gotten so nothing for me to really compare to otherwise.
If you want to use 2 smaller heaters on one controller they have models that have 2 plug ins. Just make sure you get heat only and not heat and cool.


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I have the model in the link above. I've got one linked to the other so there's redundancy. The one plugged into the wall is set to shut off at a temperature the tank should technically never reach.

My only complaint is that I've had to recalibrate them a few times because they started thinking the tank was warmer than the good ol' mercury thermometers said it was.


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Andrew- if I can remember, I’ll bring mine to the March meeting, it’s still in the box because I hadn’t set it up on my discus tank yet. It’s the one with 2 plugs and for heating only but I don’t know the model number off hand.

I can’t give any practical opinion on it but figured you might actually like seeing one in person.

Text me next Saturday morning as a reminder if you think about it.