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I'm diving in! (pun intended)

What's up everyone, my name is Megan, I've been working in the LFS business for the last couple of years, and I make horrible jokes constantly. I technically am a Cichlid Person now, as I just recently got a colony of multifasciatus shell-dwellers, but my main interests are in all freshwater nano stuff. Some of you guys might recognize me from Centreville Aquarium, or now Capital Aquarium where I'm currently employed. Heard through Catfishcon that y'all were a good resource, and I look forward to submerging myself in the community.


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Welcome aboard Megan.
Our next club meeting is this coming weekend at JFK high school in Silver Spring, MD. It starts at 2:00. Hope you can join us.
I recently joined the club myself and so far they are a great group of people with a wealth of knowledge and opinions. Just take a look at all the posts and threads, you'll find a lot of interesting and funny stuff.

Again welcome hope to see you at the events.

Frank Cowherd

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Welcome to CCA and our first ever mini marketplace at the meeting this Saturday. Should be fun.


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We welcome cichlid and non-cichlid people, but glad you've made the introduction to cichlids! Always interesting to see/hear the perspective of LFS employees, we have/had a few current or past employees in the club. Look forward to meeting you, sometimes 'horrible' jokes get the biggest laughs.