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I am new, hello!


New Member
Exotic pet owner for over 20 years.
Guinea Pigs, Parrots, Fishies and now unexpectedly a Painted Turtle owner that was rescued from a person that had her living in what looked liked diarreah water of maybe two inces. Horrible!

Our first cichlids were a pair of those big colorful parrot fish. Sadly my hubbie got them from a store that injected die into them. That was 10 years ago and they are in fish heaven.

So, we put the little Zilla turtle in a 45 or so gallon tank. We thought buying a few guppies would keep her entertained and have a snack once in a while. At the same we got a pair of baby chiclids. The ones that are silvery clear w black stripes that would get almost all black or dissapear.

Joke was on us. Within a month we had a million guppies and one of the cichlids bit the head off the other. Meanwhile, it was like The Get Along Gang, Zilla did not want to eat her friends.

That was about a year ago. Now we have five adult male guppies and the Cichlid is now orange with stripes that rarely appear but will when it is in a mood of some sort.
Not sure if it is male or female. It is about 5.25 inçhes long and the painted turtle shell is the same size. When her head and arms and legs are out I would add another two inches.

I am a very Type A pet owner. I believe in taking all my exotics to a vet. The tank has a Marineland C series Magnaflow that used the same brand Chem filtration Activated Carbon bags. The water we use is from our own massive reverse osmosis tank and triple filter cansisters for drinking water. We check for
pH, nitrates, nitrites..etc In addition to being very aware of DC using chlorine to clean the water when not using the chloramine.

Soooo, I joined this group because I need guidance on the relationship between the cichlid and turtle.

Zilla's Mom