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How deep...is your love?

Tannin Aquatics

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The thought: Many of the habitats we wish to replicate are very shallow in depth, relative to their width. Something we should consider in our aquarium design and execution?

I don't know about you, but for about the last maybe 15 years, my preference in aquariums has always led me to the "shallow, wide" footprint. This was very popular in reef keeping, as it put minimum distance between light source and corals. And I've noticed that this footprint is more and more popular with freshwater planted aquarists, too.

My last custom acrylic aquarium had dimensions of 40"x40"x22" (101.6cm x101.6cm x 55.88cm), 152 US gallons (575.38L)- and it created an amazing seagrass biotope tank. I had it re-finished, refreshed, and modified a bit, and it's going to become my ultimate Igarape tank in the near future!

I'm thinking even shallower (is that a word?) tanks are a cool idea for botanical-style blackwater aquariums (and for brackish tanks, too!), because they are proportioned correctly to mimic the relative water depth of the unique inundated Igapo forests or African vernal pools and Asian streams that hold a lot of fascination for us! If you do a little research, it turns out that many of these bodies of water a stunningly shallow, and this has interesting implications from both a functional and an aesthetic standpoint. And there are a number of commercially-made "production" tanks in these types of dimensions. (click to read more)