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Hi everyone


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I live in Frederick MD. And just to warn everyone I am a carrier of MTS, Multiple Tank Syndrome for any who are unaware of the acronym. I know it sounds crazy but I have ran across people in the hobby who were unaware of the term. I have been keeping fish since I can remember. I love keeping fish of all types I currently have six tanks that I take care of, 5 are mine and one is my Aunt's tank who is disabled and cant take care of the tank but loves fish.

I will need some help in Identifying some fish as my Saltwater store that I go to occasionally had a freshwater side that no one told me about and one day i asked about ordering a bunch of neons for my aunt and the manager said he was closing down the freshwater side and offered me all the fish for free. so needless to say i took all that the store had left.

the stocks and tanks are listed below
  1. 125 gallon
    1. 4 Tinfoil Barbs
    2. 2 Raphael Catfish
    3. 1 Pleco
  2. 60 gallon High(If any can help me in identifying I would love the help in figuring out the species of fish that are in this tank it would be much appreciated.)
    1. 5 Jack Dempsey's(I think. I am about 75% sure but I am looking for some help in identifying these fish as I got them as a rescue from a LFS that was closing it's fresh water side down)
    2. 1 Convict( I am not sure of which breed came from the same store as the Jack Dempseys)
    3. A Hillstream loach
  3. 29 gallon long
    1. 5 Buenos Aires Tetra's
    2. A raspbora
    3. a couple of neons
    4. A Bristlenose Pleco
    5. 2 Bumble Bee Pleco
    6. 5 Albino Corys
  4. 10 gallon nano saltwater Display with a 15 gallon sump(I know it's not the focus of the forum here but hey what can i say i have a very severe case of MTS)
    1. 2 Black Photon Clownfish
    2. A Skunk Cleaner shrimp
    3. 5 Peppermint shrimp are on their way to me
  5. 2 Identical 10 gallon shrimp tanks in which i have shrimp breeding and growing for live food for my tinfoil's and the what I believe are Jack Dempsys
  6. Always looking for more tanks to keep, I do prefer larger tanks than smaller tanks


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Hello and welcome to CCA.
you will need to post some pictures of the fish for us to help i.d. them.