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Hello to all

Andrew Byrnes

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My name is Andy, new here. I joined because I am building a new 90 gallon starfire rimless set up geared for Lake Tanganyika cichlids. Always been my favorite freshwater fish. I started off as a kid loving African Cichlids 30 years ago and going back to it. I have been in salt water for years growing corals (SPS, LPS and Zoas). After moving and some life changes I wanted to set up something new and a bit different.

I have noticed a change in the aquarium hobby and surprised in how much harder it is to find good freshwater fish locally. Never been a fan of big pet stores (generic).

Looking to meet new people share designs and ideas. I’m big into aquascaping and helping others and new people in the hobby.

On new 90 gallon tank I will run 2 eco tech radions (love the color and control), custom sump (nothing fancy), using filter pad, mix of bio media and balls and chemi pure for filtration. Using 140 pounds of bio active sand and will aqauscape and play around with 400 pounds of dead coral/reef rock in tank so I can make some neat towers and structures. I will have two ATO’s (avast marine) and a ecotech reef controller las attached. I will share pics as it moves along.

I’m one of those who loves the build process. Looking forward to meeting people and getting this tank up.

Jim Anderson

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Welcome Andrew, I as well have been Keeping primarily African cichlids (lake Tang) for the past 12 years and others for the last 40 years. Unfortunately I only have two tanks. The club has fantastic members that keep various fish and also sell/trade with great quality and prices. Good Luck and enjoy!


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Welcome Andrew,
I have kept Tanganyikan cichlids for many years. I wish you luck and if you need anything just ask, Great community of fish lovers.
Welcome, you have joined the right group. This group is full of ideas, suggestions and alot of them have awesome fish rooms.You will have plenty of back up when you need it. I myself love the Malawi Lake Cichlids.


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Welcome. You will find a plethora of first hand help/ideas/even breeders of Lake Tang cichlids here.The club is on a favorable basis with some nationwide importers and breeders that can be helpful.