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Hello from The Netherlands


New Member
Just joined and wanted to introduce myself. Keeping and breeding fish on and off for about 40 years now. Currently have:

WC Apistogramma atahualpa
WC Apistogramma agasizii Tefe II
WC Apistogramma cacatuoides
WC L134
WC Corydoras eques
WC Corydoras pygmaeus
WC Nannostomus eques
WC Nanochromus morthentaleri
WC Nanochromis transvestitus
F1 Hyphessobrycon wadai
F1 Axelrodia riesei

next week I will pickup

WC Balroglanis schultzi
WC Moenkhausia heiko


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Hello from maryland. Welcome to the CCA. Would love some pictures to go with that nice list. 😁