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Hello Everyone


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Hello, I'm Tyler and currently live in Yorktown, VA. I have just about always had a fish tank in my room. I now currently have a 55 that I just started putting fish in that will revolve around apisto pairs. I also have a 40 breeder with community fish and a big angel. I just rescued guppies and have the adults in a 10 and the babies in a 5. Also helping my girlfriend take care of her 29 with platies and baby Angel's. I'm joining the group because I had a friend mention you guys as well as a group on Facebook talking about acquiring fish. I would love to learn more about breeding and plant growing. I'm looking forward to being a part of the group.


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Welcome! Plenty of experienced and knowledgeable breeders around here. Our next meeting on the 12th will feature a few people specifically talking about breeding some of their fish. Meetings are always a good opportunity to talk to people also, and find great stuff in the auction.


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Welcome. You have made a good decision to join as this group has a wealth of first hand experience breeding fish and growing plants.No lack of help on most freshwater fish and plant questions.