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Hello all. My name is Ed. I am a long time fish enthusiast. I live on eastern shore of Maryland .

XI have jumped in full throttle with adding plants to all my tanks. Any help is appreciated.

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You might try GWAPA if you want to learn about plants. www.gwapa.org

If you want low-cost plants, you're likely to find them here or there, though they might not be free.


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Hi, welcome to the forum! Lots of plant advice here, and you might even find someone who has some extra plant trimmings that they'd like to get rid of!

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Hey all. Excited to be here. Looking for plants.
What type of tank do you run, CO2, ferts, etc....
I have many species of plants and regularly sell over the web.

Also in Maryland there are many local species that can be collected.
Local freshwater ponds can provide @ least a dozen or more aquatic species