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heater set up for a 185 in a 68 degree basement...help lol


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I'm am trying to figure out the best way to heat this tank and in put on heaters/brands/tricks to hold heat would be awesome.

The 185 arrives in a few weeks and I want to have everything ready to go in and start cycling as soon as possible.

I am leaning towards preloading bacteria on some of the decorations going into the tank as well as snatching some filterfloss from an already established tank, then using ammonia to cycle so I can spare any potential starter fish.

Any input on the heaters would be great, also no sump, I am running two FX6s



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I would go with an external thermostat/controller like an inkbird for your heaters. There was a recent discussion here, but the main point of it was that the cheap thermostats in heaters are the main point of failure and they tend to get stuck ON. An external controller would help with that issue.


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External controller and an 800watt titanium. Works for our 210. Check Bulk Reef Supply.