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Growing plants in a destructive cichlid tank?


I'd REALLY like to be able to fill a 65 gallon tall wall facing a window with something fast growing and nitrate eating like Vals, but my Rainbow Cichlids are pigs and like to rip them up. I have them on a pool filter sand substrate with rocks to try to protect plants.

They still manage to yank them out.

Does anyone know of any tricks for getting the Val roots to stay buried?

I don't care if they eat the foliage but care about them uprooting them constantly.

Anubis also gets bothered, but less so, and doesn't grow as fast for me.


Use watersprite. Fast growing, nutrient sponge, doesn't need to put down roots.
So somehow they managed to UNTIE their micro swords that I sewed onto some canvass mesh and buried!

They also ate their watersprite.

Oh well. Was worth a try. At least they leave the crypts alone... More or less.