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Greetings everyone! New here.


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I'm FINWIN, a member of MONSTERFISHKEEPERS. Was recommended to join here by a member there. Right now I'm consolidating some tanks and am in the market for a 90 and 120/125 tank and stand, preferably acrylic. I'm local to DC so I hope to get accquainted here and get involved in the shop talk!

And special shoutout to Batfish Aquatics, who helped me move my big tank from Custom Aquariums!


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Welcome aboard.

What monsters do you keep?

A red Oscar, Chocolate cichlid, honduran repoints, rainbow cichlids, blood parrots, synodontis catfishes and a golden severum! Right now I'm in the process of reimagining my fishroom by consolidating larger tanks with dividers and getting rid of so many individual tanks due to aggression. All my fish have names and wild personality!
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