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Great Store!


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Took some time today to take a trip out to Edgewater to check out this shop. Didn't know about this place until I stumbled upon them on CCA (why I joined the forum.) I have to say this store has a pretty great selection, even with the limitations of whats coming in due to COVID-19 putting a halt to a lot of international shipping. Their African selection took up an entire two sided isle, and I almost left with some shell dwellers, but I wanted to do a little more research on them first. For anyone looking into nano tank stocking, this place had a big selection of species that would be suitable as well! From your common live bearers, tetras, barbs, to some less common dwarf rainbows and nano species, to larger South American cichlid species and African's; this place had it all!

Can't wait to stop in post COVID-19 shipping restrictions to see what they have in stock!

Very friendly staff as well!


Yup! Me and a friend were there a couple of weeks ago, Dale was super friendly, had great staff and the store was cleeeeeean!! Keep up the great work L Londontownetropicals

my new glass catfish and rummies are doing great.


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Agreed! My wife and I went in there today and were amazed how clean it was. It didn't even smell like a fish store.